Pac-12 Players Of The Week Roundtable: Josh Nunes, Matt Scott, Jordan Poyer, Zach Maynard

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Josh Nunes of Stanford and Matt Scott of Arizona had a great duel last week, and both of them earned Pac-12 top performer accolades. Jordan Poyer of Oregon State, Zach Maynard of Cal, and Marqise Lee of USC also received dap.

Your Pac-12 player of the week?

Avinash Kunnath, Pacific Takes & California Golden Blogs (Cal): Josh Nunes. Stanford's season looked like it was about to fold in on itself after their defense got obliterated by Rich Rod's schemes, and then Nunes made all the right throws down the stretch and plunged into the end zone twice to rally the Cardinal from a 14 point deficit. Nunes now has to prove that his game will travel, but this was a very strong effort when his team needed him.

AndyPanda, Building The Dam (Oregon State): Hard to call between Josh Nunes, who picked a good time to have his best game so far, and Jordan Poyer. Oregon St.'s offense sputtered a lot, and Poyer's 3 interceptions just killed any thoughts Washington St. had of pulling the upset.

Kevin Zimmerman, Arizona Desert Swarm (Arizona): Marqise Lee. Twelve catches for 192 yards and a touchdown is hard to argue against. People know the name, yet they still can't stop the USC Trojans sophomore receiver.

Gekko Mojo, UW Dawg Pound (Washington): While Nunes delivered the win, Matt Scott really dialed up an unreal ball game on the road at Stanford. It isn't so much his numbers - after all, who wouldn't throw for 491 yards on a record-setting 69 attempts? - but it was the fact that Arizona really had only one avenue available to attack the Stanford D and, man, did Matt Scott make it work. There won't be another team that will not respect his gunslinging capabilities going forward. By the way, did anyone notice the statistical oddity that was both Arizona and Stanford racking up exactly 617 yards of total offense? Even more odd, sum those together and your total combined offense was 1,234 (1-2-3-4). Rod Sterling would be ecstatic.

thecassino, UW Dawg Pound (Washington): Matt Scott. He's doing a good job of continuing the proud Arizona QB tradition of putting up crazy numbers and losing games. I was surprised that he was able to do so much through the air; I had expected that when these numbers would come from Arizona under Rich Rodriguez they would be more balanced than through the air, but Scott did nothing on the ground.

norcalnick, California Golden Blogs (Cal): Matt Scott. There will probably be a point when the video game numbers from Rich Rodriguez's offense seem less novel, but I didn't think that anybody could put up those types of numbers against a Stanford defense that had, until Saturday, been carrying the rest of the team. Keith Price and Matt Barkley both entered the season with significantly more hype, but both withered in the face of Stanford's pass rush. His performance should have easily been enough to win the game and it's a shame that his final pass became the story rather than what he did prior to the deflected interception.

Ben Knibbe, UW Dawg Pound (Washington): Zach Maynard was downright impressive, just look at that statline. 25-30 for 295 yards and four TDs versus only one interception. He was accurate and made all the throws asked of him. He tore up the UCLA defense to the tune of almost 10 yards per attempt. Crazy.

David Piper, Addicted to Quack (Oregon): Jordan Poyer. On a day when OSU's offense sputtered, the defense saved the day. Poyer's three interceptions were critical for Oregon State and vaulted the Beavers into the top ten.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes (Washington): Josh Nunes. Especially after the game he had against Washington the week before. Arizona assuredly was going to make Nunes beat them and that's exactly what he did. He took care of business through the air and on the ground, led two nerve racking drives late in the game to force overtime with all the pressure on him and didn't make any big mistakes. If that aint a player of the week, I don't know what is.

Adam Butler, Pacific Takes (Arizona) & Pac Hoops: Zach Maynard had a day he was perhaps due for. Or certainly that his team needed so he gets my vote for POY with that MVP effort. But it was a big week for Pac individuals. Other eligible candidates? Nunes (big bounce back start), Scott (most completions in conference history), Barkley and/or Marcus Lee (straight numbers).

Josh Schilchter, Fish Duck (Oregon) & Pacific Takes: Just because Zach Maynard doesn't look at his target when he throws, I'll go with Jordan Poyer, who had three picks against Washington State's air-raid, as well as a punt return that resulted in some needed points for the Beaver offense.

Jon Woods, Ralphie Report (Colorado): Zach Maynard. What a huge rebound game for him. Maynard wasn't the quarterback expected to throw for 250+ yards and 4 touchdowns in that game and his performance saved Tedford's job... for at least a week or two.

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