Pac-12 Network TV Channel Guide: Time Warner, Bright House, Comcast, Cox And More

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Need to find out what channel the Pac-12 Network is on in your area?

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Nationwide; Channel 413 (High Definition for Football/Men's Basketball & Standard Definition for everything else)

Time Warner
Barstow: 270/680 (Los Angeles SD/HD), 271/681 (National SD/HD)
Desert Cities: 470/570 (Los Angeles SD/HD), 471/571 (National SD/HD)
El Centro: 240/640 (National SD/HD), 241/641 (Arizona SD/HD), 243/643 (LA SD/HD)
Los Angeles, Ventura: Channels 245 (SD) & 370 (HD) for Los Angeles; Channels 246 (SD) & 369 (HD) for national
Pullman: Channels 240/242 (SD) & 640/642 (HD)
San Diego: Channels 418 (SD) & 818 (HD)
Yuma: Channels 240/640 (National HD/SD), 241/641 (Arizona SD/HD)
Gunnison & Telluride: 245/645 (Mountain SD/HD), 240/640 (National SD/HD)

Hawaii (Oceanic): Channels 232 (SD) & 1232 (HD)
New York City: Channels 414 (SD) & 464 (HD)
Ohio, Wisconsin: 345 (National SD)
North Carolina/South Carolina: 532/1532 (National SD/HD)
Austin: 428 (National SD), 1696 (National HD)
Dallas: 196 (Nt'l SD), 808 (Nt'l HD)
El Paso: 327 (SD)
San Antonio: 259 (SD), 270 (HD)


Los Angeles: Channels 78 (SD) & 1078 (HD)
San Diego: Channels 314 (SD) & 1314 (HD)
Las Vegas: Channels 334 (SD) & 1334 (HD)
Santa Barbara: Channels 286 (SD) & 1286 (HD)
Tucson, Phoenix: Channels 75 (SD) & 1075 (HD)

Bright House
Indianapolis: Channels 446 (SD) & 447 (HD)
Bakersfield: 114/1114 (Los Angeles) 140/1140 (National), 141/1141 (Arizona), 142/1142 (Bay Area), 143/1143 (Oregon), 144/1144 (Washington), 145/1145 (Mountain)
Los Angeles: Channels 114 (SD) & 1114 (HD)
Orlando: Channels 188 (SD) & 1144 (HD)
Tampa Bay/Lakeland: Channels 822 (SD) & 1144 (HD)
Birmingham-Hoover: Channels 480 (SD) & 481 (HD)

Bay Area, Fresno, Monterey, Chico, Eureka: Channels 433 and 823 (HD)
Corvallis, Portland, Eugene: Channels 420 (SD) & 720 (HD)
Colorado Springs: Channels 550 (SD) & 840 (HD)
Salt Lake City: Channels 37, 53 (SD) & 757 (HD)
Seattle, Spokane: Channels 430 (SD) & 628 (HD)
Tucson: Channels 103 (SD) & 598 (HD)
Denver, Pueblo: Channels 430 (SD) & 840 (HD)

Other cable carriers

Bend Broadband: Central Oregon, Channels 46-52 (all channels in SD), 646-647 (National & Oregon HD)
Canby Telecom:
Canby, Oregon, Channels 500-506 (all channels in SD), 521 (Oregon HD)
Crestview Cable:
Oregon, Channels 56 (SD) & 656 (HD); Oregon channel only
FiOS TV from Frontier: Seattle and Portland, Channels 78/578 (National SD/HD), 79/579 (Oregon SD/HD), 80/580 (Washington SD/HD)
Rancho Murieta: Rancho Murieta, Channels 320-326 (all channels in SD)
Suddenlink: Arizona: Arizona 22/222 (Arizona SD/HD), 531/581 (National SD/HD), Northern California: Bay Area 533/583 (Bay Area SD/HD), 531/581 (National SD/HD)
SureWest: Sacramento region, 160 (SD) & 626 (HD); Bay Area channel only

Check your provider to find out what package you need to watch the channel.

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