Pacific Takes BlogPoll: Week 11

Jonathan Ferrey

Oregon moves up into the top spot while Stanford, Oregon State, UCLA and USC form a strong pack in the middle.

1. Oregon - With Alabama now knocked off, the Ducks assume the position of the best unbeaten team in the country.

2. Kansas State - The Wildcats have beaten good Big 12 teams fairly easily in four-consecutive weeks.

3. Notre Dame - Once again, the Irish didn't look good against a bad team, but it will be hard to keep the Irish out of the BCS Championship game if they win out.

4. Alabama - The Crimson Tide still might be the best team in the country, but ran into a very tough trap came and couldn't recover from a hungover start.

5. Georgia - The Bulldogs now just have to hope that two of the top three teams lose and they have a great shot at playing their way into the BCS Championship.

6. Ohio State - The Buckeyes simply have an underwhelming resume for a 10-0 team in a major conference.

7. Florida - Down to the wire with Louisiana-Lafayette... really Gators?

8. Florida State - The good news for the Seminoles is that they are just a couple of wins against bad ACC teams from finally getting back to a BCS bowl.

9. LSU - The Tigers are in good position for one of the at-large BCS bowl bids.

10. Texas A&M - If I made a list of teams that I wouldn't want to play right now, these guys would be second, only behind Oregon.

11. Clemson - Clemson has dominated every ACC team they have played other than Florida State.

12. South Carolina - The Gamecocks are now done with SEC play and once again had a good season, but couldn't get themselves into the SEC Championship Game.

13. Oklahoma - The Sooner can take some solace they have only lost to teams ranked in the Top 3 this year.

14. Stanford - Stanford's big, mean and aggressive fronts might be a great match-up for the Cardinal next week against Oregon's beaten up fronts.

15. Texas - This team seems to get better every week and have to bee thinking about their season closing showdown with Kansas State.

16. OregonState - The Beavers almost scored a huge win against Stanford which would have gotten them into the BCS conversation. There season now hinges on the Civil War in two weeks.

17. UCLA - Mora has to be getting his guys fired up for revenge against USC next week after the beating they suffered last year.

18. Nebraska - They haven't been winning pretty, but the Huskers have been taking care of business in the Big 10.

19. USC - The Trojans now face a potential three-game stretch to salvage their season with games against UCLA, Notre Dame and potentially Oregon in the Pac-12 Championship.

20. Louisiana Tech - Their defense gave up 55 points to Texas State who was FCS last year on Saturday.

21. Northern Illinois - The other teams in the MAC seem to be wilting while the Huskies hold steady.

22. Louisville - Please don't wast everyone's time by putting a Big East team in a BCS bowl. Please...

23. Michigan - Have to just take care of business and pray for an upset of Nebraska.

24. Wisconsin - Sadly, they would still go to the Big 10 Championship game even if they drop their last two and finish the regular season with four conference losses.

25. Oklahoma State - Part of a pack of Big 12 teams that are pretty good but have been beating up on each other all season.

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