Pacific Takes BlogPoll, Week 12: Oregon tumbles, Stanford rises, Arizona in and USC out

Ezra Shaw

Oregon falls out of the Top 5 in Pacific Takes BlogPoll while Stanford gets near the Top 10 and Arizona makes it in.

1. Notre Dame - I don't think the Irish are the best team in the country, but they deserve to be here. Next week's game at USC will be the biggest game they have had in decades.

2. Alabama - Still think Alabama is the best team in the country and will beat whoever they get in the BCS Championship.

3. Georgia - The Bulldogs have really bounced back from their early embarrassing loss to South Carolina and now should control their BCS Championship destiny.

4. Ohio State - I would be pretty mad if I were a Buckeye fan and Oregon ends up getting into the BCS Championship because the Buckeyes are ineligible because they were punished because of allegations that pale in comparison to what Oregon is being investigated for.

5. Florida - The Gators offense is still not very good, but their defense is still good enough that they can beat anybody.

6. Oregon - Once again the ultra-hyped Duck offense doesn't produce much when it faces a good defense. The Ducks still have a lot to prove with their best win being over Arizona at this point.

7. Kansas State - The wheels just came off of the Wildcat wagon.

8. Florida State - The Seminoles might be good enough to compete for the BCS Championship Game but their schedule won't let them.

9. LSU - The Tigers might be the most inconsistent team in the country but are still more talented than just about anybody else.

10. Texas A&M - One of the best teams in the nation down the stretch.

11. Stanford - Are suddenly in the driver's seat for the Pac-12 Championship Game and back-to-back games with UCLA.

12. Clemson - They just keep taking care of business but keep falling.

13. South Carolina - It is a huge testament to the SEC that these guys are the sixth-best team in the conference and they could win almost any other conference.

14. Oklahoma - Could easily end up in a BCS bowl if they win out.

15. Texas - Another team that could sneak into a BCS bowl if they win out.

16. Oregon State - The Beavers have to be watching the tape of the Oregon/Stanford game and thinking they have a great shot in the Civil War next week.

17. UCLA - The football monopoly may be over in LA.

18. Nebraska - They aren't the best team in the Big 10, but they will probably be headed to the Rose Bowl.

19. Northern Illinois - The MAC might actually be the best non-BCS conference and the Huskies are up top.

20. Louisville - I hate ranking a team that I don't think would make it to bowl eligibility in the SEC, but oh well...

21. Michigan - The Wolverines have bounced back well and now have a shot at ending Ohio State's undefeated season.

22. Oklahoma State - Probably the best of the second-tier Big 12 teams this year.

23. Mississippi State - They are a ways behind South Carolina, but a ways ahead of Vanderbilt.

24. Northwestern - One of the tougher teams no one ever pays attention to.

25. Arizona - It has been a good first year for Rich Rodriguez.

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