Andrew Luck, NFL Draft Scouting Report: Oregon Vs. Stanford, Part V

STANFORD, CA - NOVEMBER 12: Quarterback Andrew Luck #12 of the Stanford Cardinal passes the ball in the first half against the Oregon Ducks at Stanford Stadium on November 12, 2011 in Stanford, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

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Andrew Luck couldn't lead the Stanford Cardinal to victory over the Oregon Ducks, but he sure tried his hardest. There were so many important moments, and his signature moment was probably his end-of-first-half drive that kept Stanford within a touchdown going into halftime.

Here is the full video compilation of Luck's performance against Oregon.

Stanford in shotgun, RB & WR left, TE & 2 WR right. Oregon has five men at the line.

One of the Oregon LB blitz. Another one of the lineman drops back to cover an outside receiver.

#11 Levine Toilolo runs straight up to draw the intermediate Oregon defenders, freeing up just enough space for Coby Fleener to run a short in route and Luck finds Fleener for the short gain.

4:04: Stanford in shotgun, RB left, TE left

Luck does a good job moving through his progressions from the left to right before finding his tight end (lined as a wideout) on a back shoulder fade in tight one-on-one coverage. Pro throw there, especially considering how tight the coverage actually is.

4:12: Stanford in shotgun, RB right, four wideouts (2 WR right and left). Oregon in a 4-2-5.

Luck with a short throw to Toilolo on the short stick route once no pressure comes outside of the four down linemen. Safe and easy there.

4:17: Stanford in shotgun, RB right, TE & 2 WR left

Six Cardinal (5 OL, 1 RB) stay in and block five Ducks. Luck looks for his first read in the short in route, and when the Duck intermediate defenders get sucked in, Luck delivers it to his next read behind the two, Toilolo. But the tight end lets the ball slip through his hands, and the Oregon safety closes in and delivers a hit. The Duck defenders are very quick to the football in this contest.

4:35: Stanford in Pistol, H-Back/TE & 2 WR to left, WR right. Oregon in a 3-3-5.

Ducks send the house. All three defensive linemen, all three linebackers, plus one of the defensive backs guarding the left slot. That leaves the slot receiver Fleener with just enough space, and Luck knows to go straight through him on the short stop route. All this happens while Luck faces extreme pressure from an Oregon defender.

4:48: Stanford in shotgun, three wideouts, TE right. Oregon with five men at the line.

Only three Ducks rush. Luck looks toward the far right, but when the Oregon cornerback comes up on the receiver, Luck slings it back to his intermediate slot man who's sitting in the hole in the zone.

4:55: Stanford in shotgun right, TE & WR right, 2 WR left. Oregon with five men at the line and two LBs close toward the line.

Ducks send the house, leaving the Stanford receivers on one-on-one coverage. Luck buys some time with his feet and moves to the right in the pocket, then find Griff Whalen coming to the inside. Great play by Luck improvising and making the best of the relentless Oregon pass rush.

5:12: Stanford in shotgun RB & WR right, TE and 2 WR left. Oregon with five men at the line.

Only three men rushing the pocket still get right to Luck, but it's another quick throw before the Oregon defenders (who are in zone) can converge on the Stanford receivers. It's another precise throw that hits Whalen right on the numbers for the score.

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