Pac-12 Quarterback Freshman Evaluation: Josh Kern, Arizona

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

We take our look at Rich Rodriguez's first quarterback recruited for the Arizona Wildcats, one Josh Kern from Tom Clark High School in San Antonio, Texas.

Commitment: Arizona

Measurables: 6'5", 190 pounds

High School: Tom C Clark, San Antonio, TX

What to make of Josh Kern? How well does he fit what Rich Rodriguez is trying to install in the desert?

Based on watching his recruiting tape, there are plenty of things to like about what Kern brings as a quarterback. However, there could be things that could cause him trouble. Kern operates in the pro-style offense a lot, mainly under center. Rodriguez generally prefers shotgun though, so there could be issues for Kern trying to adapt to taking throws from deep in the pocket.

Kern has good height for surveying the pocket and the field, which could make it easier for him to read multiple defenders when trying to look downfield and examine defensive ends, linebackers, etc. Kern has lots of potential if he can develop into his body to be all that solid.

What might cause him problems is that Kern is still very much a pocket passer, as he struggles to move from side to side. His inability to move in the pocket could make it harder for him to eventually take over the type of system offense Rodriguez is looking to install.

On the bright side, Kern might still be only a one read QB, but that is perfect for the option offense he'll be asked to run in the desert. For a change of pace to initiate his pass attack. Kern relies on play-action a lot to find his receivers, which could provide an additional dimension for Arizona's passing offense.

However, Kern is not totally pocket-bound as a runner, which probably is what intrigues Rodriguez the most about what he could do for the Wildcats down the road. Kern has proven to run the football particularly by utilizing a lot of designed rollouts. Kern's ability to go on the fly and create yards, makes you think he has the potential to operate in a spread option and gain some yards if he tries to dupe the receiver.

Ultimately with Kern it's hard to see how quickly he can adapt to the specific system Rodriguez has in mind for him. But he could also be a player that could provide Rodriguez with more opportunities to diversify his offense with a quarterback who can do more than just run the football. Perhaps Rodriguez recognizes that the offense has to get better if he plans to compete in the Pac-12, and Kern is the first in that bred of quarterback who can help him along the way.

Jack Follman chips in: "Kern doesn't have the speed you would usually expect in a Rich Rodriguez QB, but that might be a good thing as he is more of a Pac-12 style passer. He's very smooth in all his motions and delivery, looks like he knows what is going on all around the field at all times."

After the jump you can check his video highlights and check up on how he performs.

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