A College Football Season in a Fan's Facebook Statuses


Summarizing the Washington Huskies 2012 in the Facebook statuses of a die hard fan.

A selection of Facebook statuses from a die hard Husky fan after each game this year. Yes, I wish I was better at photoshop so this looked a little bit cooler.

San Diego State

Really like how the defense looks. Think Wilcox has already really changed things but the offense looked terrible. That was probably just a fluke though because of San Diego State's weird blitzes. Right?


Well... still not ready for prime time I guess. LSU might be THE best team in the country and blew out everyone they played last year other than Alabama. No shame in losing to them, even if it was a blowout.

Portland State

I was at a pool club in Vegas and missed the Portland State game other than checking the score on my phone once, but I guess they blew them out. So that's good.


Holy s***! Justin Wilcox is a God!


So Wilcox isn't immortal... so much for all that talk about having a defense specifically designed to slow down Oregon. Washington might never beat Oregon again. Ever.


Missing: Keith Price. Last seen in the Alamo Bowl looking confident, throwing and running for touchdowns. Has reportedly been spotting near footballs that have been fumbled at inopportune times and footballs that have been thrown directly to linebackers and defensive backs.


(Opens bottle of Old Crow)

Oregon State

What about CenturyLink Field makes home defensive backs so amazing? This season may not be lost after all.


That game was uglier than the night before Jerramy Stevens and Hope Solo's wedding, but a win in a win I guess.


This team is building an identity. Washington is like a smaller and less talented Stanford right now. Yes, I fully acknowledge that it is ironic to say that knowing that they beat Stanford.


Hard to complain about a 38-3 win but the Huskies could easily lose the Apple Cup if they come out slow yet again next week.

Washington State

Was anyone not one hundred percent sure that Coons was going to miss that 37 yard field goal? At least they didn't lose on an interception returned for a touchdown by a defensive f***** tackle.

Las Vegas Bowl

Remember when I used to always say back when the Huskies were terrible under Willingham that I would be happy if the Huskies could at least just start getting back to bowl games again and finish with a winning season? Oh how wrong I was...

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