Pac-12 bowl projections: 11/13: Oregon in Rose Bowl

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

A USC upset of Stanford this weekend will change the shape of the Pac-12 bowl lineup.

Rose Bowl - Oregon vs. Ohio State

This might seem strange with what happened last week, but I think the Cardinal are going to turn around and get upset by USC this week, putting the Ducks right back into the driver's seat. The Ducks will get close to actually getting back to the national championship, but I'm not betting on Alabama or Florida State losing right now. The Ducks will face off with an Ohio State team that I think will be undefeated for the second-straight season and probably very, very frustrated.

Orange Bowl - Stanford vs. Clemson

Even though I think they will get upset by USC, the Cardinal will see be a very attractive BCS bowl candidate with their win over Oregon and a lack of secondary options from the Big Ten and Big 12 along with expected losses for Fresno State and Northern Illinois. The Cardinal will get a Clemson team that will benefit from Florida State getting into the BCS Championship Game and only having to play them once.

Alamo Bowl - Arizona State vs. Oklahoma

I wouldn't bet much on it with how wild the South is, but I think Arizona State is the best team in the South and will get to the Pac-12 Championship Game, making them the best non-BCS team in the conference. The Big 12 is kind of a jumble after Baylor and I think Oklahoma will stack up as the third-most attractive option.

Holiday Bowl - UCLA vs. Texas Tech

The Bruins have a very tough end to their schedule and I wouldn't be shocked if they won or lost every game left on their schedule, but logically I think they lose to Arizona State but beat Washington and USC, slotting them just below Arizona State.

Sun Bowl - USC vs. Georgia Tech

I want to say that the Sun Bowl would be against having this rematch, but maybe they wouldn't as it might actually get the bowl some attention as opposed to having Oregon State against a forgettable ACC team. I think the Trojans, even though they disappointed in El Paso last year will be too attractive to pass up and honestly, there are about four or five different ACC teams I could see here.

Las Vegas Bowl - Oregon State vs. Boise State

I think whoever wins the Oregon State/Washington game gets here and right now I think that will be Oregon State with how bad the Huskies play on the road. I think Boise State upsets Fresno State in the Mountain West Championship Game and continues to turn the Las Vegas Bowl into the Boise State Bowl in Las Vegas.

Fight Hunger Bowl - Washington vs. BYU

I think the Huskies only have one win left in them for the rest of the season in the Apple Cup, though I think they will be a pretty good 7-5 and a very good team for such a low-level bowl. Unfortunately for them, I think they will have an opponent that they don't match up well against that is also very good for the level of bowl it is.

New Mexico Bowl - Arizona vs. San Diego State

The Wildcats got to six wins very quickly, but I think they will struggle to win more than that and will be the least-attractive of any of the bowl-eligible Pac-12 teams, sending them back to Albuquerque and an improving Mountain West opponent.

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