Pac-12 Basketball: Interview with Yahoo's Jeff Eisenberg

Arizona's Aaron Gordon is just one of many parts that make the Wildcats special. - Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Butler takes a few minutes to ask Yahoo's Jeff Eisenberg some questions about the Pac-12, Arizona, the other Arizona school, Andy Enfield's mouth, and more.

On Monday I had the chance to speak with hoops guru and editor of Yahoo's The Dagger, Jeff Eisenberg. We talked about whether or not the Pac-12 is back; ASU's Jahii Carson; why Andy Enfield's running his mouth and if it's a good thing; the other school in LA; what makes Arizona special; and more. A big thanks to Jeff for taking the time. We'll try and get in touch again for a nice little conference preview once all this pig skin stuff settles out.

You can read the questions asked below as well as the times in the segment that Jeff and I address each. Enjoy.

Interview with Jeff Eisenberg (click this link to listen)

  • I have to open by asking a very simple question: Is the Pac back? 0:41-1:41
  • Arizona is the cream of the crop here, what makes them different or special – if anything – as compared to other teams in the Final Four discussion? 1:41 - 4:06
  • Things are lining up for an Arizona-Duke showdown on Friday. Duke has had some notable struggles – namely against Vermont Sunday night – how do you see this game shaking out, should it come to fruition? 4:06 - 6:47
  • Do you like, dislike, endorse, loathe, condemn…how do you feel about Andy Enfield’s mouth these days? 6:47 - 8:26
  • Staying in LA, UCLA has some really nice pieces in their lineup, how much better does the efforts of Tony Parker and Zach LaVine make this squad? 8:26 - 10:29
  • Oregon has looked great with Joe Young and Moser carrying the load, could the returns of Artis and Carter be anything but beneficial? 10:29 - 12:00
  • ASU has their biggest non-conference game in what seems to be a long time. Are the Sun Devils contenders or pretenders? 12:00 - 13:41
  • Jahii Carson, national POY conversation? 13:41 - 14:48
  • What is the Stanford identity? 14:48 - 17:40
  • Any other bold predictions? Teams or players we need to keep an eye on as we head in to Conference play? 17:40 - 19:14

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