Pac-12 football coaches: Pete Carroll, Jim Harbaugh, Chip Kelly thriving in NFL

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Pac-12 continues the tradition of sending not just good players, but good coaches to the league.

The Pac-12 has exported its best coaching talent to the next level. It's resulted in success for the NFL teams that have taken a chance on the best of the West.

Pete Carroll - Seattle Seahawks

Pete Carroll went into the conference a mediocre NFL coach and has performed superbly on his return to the league. After struggling in his first two seasons, Carroll and his team managed some superb drafts and transactions (particularly landing players like Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson). Despite finishing 7-9 in his first season, Carroll won a weak NFC West and landed an improbable playoff upset over the Super Bowl champs.

In his last two seasons, Carroll went 24-8 and finished first in the NFC regular season this year. He's made the playoffs three of four years and has a 40-27 record overall.

Jim Harbaugh - San Francisco 49ers

Jim Harbaugh probably has enjoyed the most spectacular success of all three of the Pac-12 imports. Harbaugh went to the playoffs all three seasons, has already gone to two NFC playoffs, nearly won one Super Bowl and nearly went to another. Harbaugh is on his way to his third straight playoff bid and has the 49ers in prime position to be dominant contenders for most of the next decade.

Harbaugh is 39-13-1 with the 49ers and is three for three in playoff appearances.

Chip Kelly - Philadelphia Eagles

Chip Kelly had a bumpy road in his first season in Philadelphia, starting off with an outstanding debut before losing five of their next seven games.  But Kelly's offense kicked into high gear in the second half, going 7-1 and clinching the NFC East on the final day of the season.

All three Pac-12 coaches have managed seven playoff appearances in eight seasons.

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