Pac-12 Basketball: Pac-12 NCAA Tournament Watch 3/12


Pacific Takes' Adam Butler and Jack Follman predict where Pac-12 teams would be seeded if the NCAA Tournament was selected today.

They're in

Arizona 24-6 (12-6)

Adam's Take - 4 seed - Sweet, sweet momentum. It would seem the Wildcats captured it as they took rival, Arizona State, to task Saturday afternoon during senior day. The star, however, was sophomore Nick Johnson who appeared to break out of his slump. A nice run in Vegas could go a long way for Wildcat seeding.

Jack's take - 4 seed - The Wildcats desperately needed that comfortable win over Arizona State. They should be the top-seeded team from the Pac-12 if they can play well in the Pac-12 Tournament.

UCLA 23-8 (13-5)

Adam's Take - 6 seed - The Bruins are going to ride the coattails of their outright title to a more favorable seed than I think they'd have otherwise garnered. Plus, the committee owes the regular season Pac-12 champ something, right?

Jack's take - 7 seed - Always concerning when your outright regular season champion gets handled by the worst team in the conference in the last week of play. The can definitely get into the 4-5 range if they can win the Pac-12 Tournament though.

Oregon 23-8 (12-6)

Adam's Take - 8 seed - I'd discussed it recently concerning Cal and their need to just "stay hot." Oregon is not hot. They need to get hot.

Jack's take - 8 seed - Oregon isn't on the bubble after getting swept by the Rocky Mountain schools, but their stock is very low right now. The Ducks haven't beaten a team that will likely make the NCAA Tournament since mid-January.

On the bubble

Cal 20-10 (12-6)

Jack's take - 9 seed - I still think they are pretty much in, but aren't 100 percent after the loss to Stanford. They probably don't absolutely need to win at least a game in the Pac-12 Tournament to get in, but they might be sweating it out on selection Sunday if they don't.

Adam's Take - 10 seed - I believe the Bears are dancing but that loss to Stanford and the week they've had to sit on it isn't doing much by way of their perception. They're a good team, I'll tell you this until the cows come home, but they did dig themselves a touch of a hole to start this year. I think they've climbed out of that hole but a little more couldn't hurt.

Colorado 20-10 (10-8)

Adam's Take - 10 seed - The volatility of youth reared it's ugly head in Boulder last week as we saw just exactly what these Buffaloes are: A talented but young team. Andre Roberson - the stabilizing talent - hasn't played in two games and it's unknown whether he'll be playing in Vegas.

Jack's take - 10 seed - How do you blow out Oregon and then lose to Oregon State? The Buffs had a real shot to become the second-best seeded Pac-12 team before the upset by the Beavers and now, like Cal, they will need to win a game or two in the Pac-12 Tournament to feel comfortable.

Hanging by a thread

Arizona State 20-11 (9-9)

Adam's Take - NIT - Too little, too late. Well, not really as it's more like four-game-losing-streaks-to-end-the-season-ain't-going-to-cut-it. That's a saying, right?

Jack's take - NIT - They needed to beat Arizona on Saturday to salvage their tournament hopes. Still, I think they can put themselves back on the bubble if they can get to the finals or the semi-finals of the Pac-12 Tournament and with Jahii Carson on their side, that's a possibility.

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