College Football Lines 2013, Pac-12 Edition

Ezra Shaw

The Oregon Ducks and Stanford Cardinal are favored in the majority of their games this season. But who is the favorite in their head-to-head matchup?

Early college football lines were released, with all the usual subjects getting the usual favorite/underdog treatment. Oregon and Stanford are favored in all games except their head-to-head, where the Ducks get the preferential look and are favored by several points.

USC and Arizona State are next on the list and are only underdogs in a handful of games. UCLA is surprisingly further down with Washington and Arizona. Cal, Colorado, Utah and Washington State are eternal underdogs.

Here are the early lines. More breakdowns team-by-team coming at a later date.

Week 1

Washington State +11.5 at Auburn
Cal +10.5 vs. Northwestern
UCLA -15 vs. Nevada
Washington -2 vs. Boise State
Colorado +3.5 vs. Colorado State

Week 2

Washington State +21 at USC
Oregon -21 at Virginia
Arizona -17 at UNLV

Week 3

Arizona State (pick 'em) vs. Wisconsin
California +21 vs. Ohio State
USC -21.5 vs. Boston College
UCLA +6 vs. Nebraska
Oregon State +6 at Utah
Washington -11 vs. Illinois
Oregon -25 vs. Tennessee

Week 4

Oregon State -6.5 at San Diego State
Arizona State +10 at Stanford
Utah +7.5 at BYU

Week 5

USC (pick 'em) at Arizona State
Colorado +22 at Oregon State
Arizona +5 at Washington
Stanford -18.5 at Washington State
California +34 at Oregon

Week 6

UCLA -5 at Utah (Thu.)
Washington +10 at Stanford
Oregon -37 at Colorado
Arizona State +4 at Notre Dame

Week 7

Arizona +7 at USC (Thu.)
Colorado +27 at Arizona State
California +16.5 at UCLA
Stanford -13 at Utah
Oregon -14 at Washington
Oregon State -13 at Washington State

Week 8

Washington +5 at Arizona State
Utah +12 at Arizona
UCLA +10 at Stanford
Oregon State -13 at California
USC +5 at Notre Dame
Washington State +35.5 at Oregon

Week 9
Utah +18 at USC
Arizona -20 at Colorado
Stanford -3 at Oregon State
California +17 at Washington
UCLA +20 at Oregon
Arizona State -15 at Washington State

Week 10
USC +2 at Oregon State (Fri.)
Arizona -11 at California
Colorado +22 at UCLA

Week 11
Oregon -4 at Stanford (Thu.)
UCLA +4 at Arizona
USC -17 at California

Week 12

Washington +2 at UCLA (Fri.)
Oregon State +4.5 at Arizona State
Washington State +19 at Arizona
Stanford +1 at USC
Utah +28.5 at Oregon

Week 13
Oregon -12 at Arizona
Cal +22 at Stanford
Arizona State +3 at UCLA
USC -24.5 at Colorado
Washington +5 at Oregon State

Week 14
Washington State +14 at Washington
Oregon State +16 at Oregon
Arizona +5 at Arizona State
Notre Dame +5.5 at Stanford
UCLA +7 at USC

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