Pacific Takes Pac-12 Power Rankings Week Four: Bruins Solidify Standing in South

Stephen Dunn

Arizona State's loss to Stanford gives UCLA a firm hold on the top spot in the South Division.

Each week, we rank the Pac-12's teams based on voting by our readers.


1. Oregon (3-0 0-0 Last Week #1)

Just when it looked like Stanford was going to dominate Arizona State and show that they should challenge Oregon for the top spot, they led the Sun Devils back in the game and actually gave the Ducks some more space between the two teams during their bye week.

2. Stanford (3-0 1-0 Last Week #2)

The Cardinal will probably have to beat Oregon in November, or lose a game to move from this spot.

3. Washington (3-0 0-0 Last Week #3)

The Huskies seem comfortable here, but will open themselves up to the bottom of the North if they can't beat Arizona at home Saturday.

4. Washington State (3-1 1-0 Last Week #4)

The Cougars have impressed enough early on to get themselves here, but now need to continuing impressing week-after-week against Pac-12 competition.

5. Oregon State (3-1 1-0 Last Week #5)

The Beavers may have that loss to Eastern Washington hanging over their head, but they have taken care of business otherwise and can slowly start climbing up the rankings if the Washington schools start losing.

6. Cal (1-2 0-0 Last Week #6)

The Bears are going to stay here next week too as they open up Pac-12 play with a road game against Oregon Saturday.


1. UCLA (3-0 0-0 Last Week #1)

Arizona State's loss to Stanford made UCLA the unanimous choice for the top spot in the South.

2. Arizona State (2-1 0-1 Last Week #2)

Even though they lost, fans gave the Sun Devils credit for losing to one of the nation's best teams on the road and making a valiant comeback.

3. Arizona (3-0 0-0 Last Week #3)

Wildcats still warming this spot until they face a real challenge this week at Washington.

4. USC (3-1 0-1 Last Week #4)

The Trojans could make a move for the number two spot if they can win at Arizona State Saturday.

5. Utah (3-1 0-1 Last Week #5)

The Utes continued to look improved with a win at BYU, but fans still seem to be skeptical of if they can compete once the Pac-12 season gets humming.

6. Colorado (2-0 0-0 Last Week #6)

After two weeks off, it's nearly October, and the Buffs are still undefeated. May get out of the cellar if they can upset Oregon State on the road Saturday.

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