2014 NBA Draft: Pac-12 prospect rankings - Aaron Gordon top Pac-12 draft prospect

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

The Pac-12 has half a dozen players who could go in the first round.

1. Aaron Gordon 6'9 225 Fr. PF Arizona

Gordon has just as much star power potential as any player in this draft, but he is a bit of a tweener and his ball skills could use some work and he needs a lot of polish. He is hard to peg, as he has the upside to go as high as number five, but his flaws could also drop him to the 20-25 range. I could see a time like the Lakers or Kings who desperately need a star and are picking around 5-8 reaching for him.

2. Kyle Anderson 6'9 230 So. SF UCLA

One of the most-interesting draft prospects to recently come out of the Pac-12, Anderson has a power forward's body but the skill set of a point guard. His versatile game and inside-outside abilities combined with size will almost assuredly make him a lottery pick.

3. Zach LaVine 6'5 180 Fr. PG UCLA

The typical kind of player that will likely be a better NBA player than college player, his upside is as high as Gordon's. A combo guard that with excellent speed and touch, he is part of a fantastic group of point guard prospects that should go somewhere between 10-25 and if he does well enough leading up to the draft, he could be the top guy in that group and maybe even sneak into the Top 10.

4. Jordan Adams 6'5 220 So. SG UCLA

Adams would be a potential lottery pick if he was a little bit taller, but instead, he is more of a poor man's Dwyane Wade/James Harden type that is strong, can take the ball to the basket and has a mid-range game. He seems to fit the mold of a guy who could come off the bench and provide points and I think a quality team late in the first round will see that and scoop him up.

5. Nick Johnson 6'3 200 Jr. SG Arizona

Johnson is as good of an all-around perímeter player that you will be able to find, but he is a tweaner who may not have the size top play shooting guard at the next level or the handle to play point guard. However, he is the kind of guy that every good NBA team needs to do the little things and could be a perfect fit late in the first for a team like Miami or San Antonio.

6. C.J. Wilcox 6'5 195 Sr. SG Washington

One of the nation's smoothest strokes belongs to Wilcox and despite his injury problems and limited game, it could get him into the first round. Wilcox isn't a fantastic all-around player like Johnson and he is old for a rookie at 23, but NBA teams desperately need guys who can knock down deep shots and that is exactly what he is.

7. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson 6‘7 215 Fr. SF Arizona

Hollis-Jefferson was overshadowed by Gordon this year, but he has unlimited NBA potential, so much so that he could be a first round pick if he declares despite limited production as a freshman. I think he comes back, but his athleticism, length and mid-range skills could get him into the first round if he declares.

8. Jahii Carson 5'10 180 So. PG Arizona State

Carson's size is unfortunate, as he could be a lottery pick if he was 6'2 190, but he isn't and will likely slip to the second round. Still, I love Carson's explosive game and I could see him move into the first round like Nate Robinson did if he displays his talents well enough leading up to the draft.

9. Kaleb Tarczewski 7'0 235 So. C Arizona

Probably the most physical of any of the top Pac-12 NBA prospects, Tarczewski has the size to be a lottery pick, but still needs to show more offensive skills to be the lottery pick that he has the potential to be. I think he will come back for another season, but if he doesn't his size alone will make him an early-second round pick.

10. Justin Cobbs 6‘2 190 Sr. PG Cal

A fantastic scorer, combo guard wth great quickness, Cobbs really boosted his stock as a senior and now has a great chance to get drafted. He isn't a slam dunk to make the second round and will need to perform well heading into the draft.

11. Jabari Bird 6‘6 190 Fr. SG Cal

Bird didn't quite do as much as I think most expected he would coming into college as a five-star prospect, but his skill set still makes him a valuable NBA prospect. I think Bird comes back for another year to improve his stock and potentially get into the lottery.

12. Spencer Dinwiddie 6‘6 200 Jr. PG Colorado

Dinwiddie was a potential first round pick before getting hurt this season and is now kind of in limbo in regards to where he could go in the draft this year or next year. I think he comes back for one more year, but I think he does declare, his skill set would get him drafted.

On the edge

Jordan Bachynski 7‘2 250 Sr. C Arizona State

Brandon Ashley 6‘8 230 So. SF Arizona

Dwight Powell 6'10 240 Sr. PF Stanford

Norman Powell 6'4 215 Jr. SG UCLA

Delon Wright 6'5 180 Jr. PG Utah

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