ASU vs. Oregon State: Sun Devils Try To Score Road Upset


The Arizona State Sun Devils hope to land a big upset against the Oregon State Beavers in Corvallis. Can they contain Oregon State's offense while scoring on their defense? Rich Gray of Bold Saguaros and Brad Denny of House of Sparky explain.

What do you see being the keys to this weekend's contest with Oregon State?

Rich Gray, Bold Saguaros: The defense needs to get pressure on the quarterback once again. Cody Vaz will pose a challenge and the latest injury (Steffon Martin) could put more weight on the secondary's shoulders. Penalties were an issue against UCLA, which I know Graham did not like. I keep harping on this, but the tackling has got to improve. ASU has given up so many big plays over the last two weeks, honestly, I doubt that will change any time soon.

Brad Denny, House of Sparky: The Beavers have a very potent passing game, and the duo of Markus Wheaton and Brandin Cooks should give ASU plenty of trouble. Quarterback Cody Vaz has shown he can have big games, and I expect he'll be able to make plenty of big plays on Saturday. Limiting those strikes will be essential for ASU to stay in the game.

But the biggest key will be limiting the mistakes ASU always seems to make in road games. While the team has been better in that area this year, they've still shown a tendency to start slow and commit costly errors. To score this road win in Corvallis, the Sun Devils will need to be nearly perfect for 60 minutes.

What is your prediction for Saturday's game with Oregon State?

Rich Gray, Bold Saguaros: I think the Devils will be in for a long afternoon. Everything that seems to go wrong always happens in Corvallis for this team. Plus, I think Oregon State will be eager to respond from last week's upset.

Oregon State 38, ASU 24

Brad Denny, House of Sparky: More than anything, the status of Will Sutton will be the most important question looming over this game. If he plays and returns to form, the Sun Devils should be able to keep ASU in the game. If could be a long flight home. In the end, even with Sutton, I think that the Beavers make just enough plays through the air to score a 28-27 win.

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