Pac-12 Schools As Drugs [EDSBS]

Spencer Hall has done it again. Here's a sample of some of the Pac-12 schools (check out the rest of the Pac-12 and the BCS by clicking the link above). OREGON: "a total loss of connection to conventional reality with the encounter of ineffable alien realms..." Yeah, Oregon is DMT. WASHINGTON: Fen-phen. Okay in small doses. Banned around the turn of the century for damaging side effect. May cause sudden weight loss of up to one metric Neuheisel, seven metric Gilbertsons, and 129 Bleeding Willinghams. USC: Just classic prescription methamphetamines. The kind classy rich people took in the 1950s. Side effects may include being awesome. ARIZONA STATE: Meth enema. Moving fast and shitting itself all at the same time. CAL: 'Shrooms! Weird, sometimes beautiful visions, and also truckloads of vomiting.

Pac-12 Network announces a new slate of Olympic sports to be on TV

Pac-12 announced that they will show seven water polo games on the networks, the cross country championships and field hockey.

Pac-12 Networks Early Schedule Announced

The Pac-12 Networks will open its initial college football season by airing 15 games in the first three weeks of the 2012 season and, with the addition of the California at USC game in week four, will televise at least one game from each Pac-12 team during the first four weeks, it was announced today. PS: What a wonderful day to be busy as hell. I'll get back to you all tomorrow on this.

Need Work?

Jobs still available at Pac-12 Enterprises. You should apply.

Steve Berkowitz: Pac-12 Schools Will See Big Payday From TV Deals

The estimate, premised on the SEC continuing without a conference-owned network and again having 15-year deals, would give the SEC more guaranteed TV revenue than any college athletics conference: an average of nearly $25 million per school per year over the full contract term ($5.2 billion total). However, the Pac-12's full ownership of national and regional networks that have lined up substantial distribution before their scheduled launch in August, indicates that the conference is on track to generate at least $30 million per school per year over the 12-year term of agreements with ESPN and Fox that begin later this year ($4.3 billion total). Only the money from ESPN and Fox — an average of about $21 million per school per year — is guaranteed, though. And because of the networks' start-up costs the actual per-school revenue the first few years is likely to be well below the projected annual average.

Big Ten Surrenders Homefield Playoffs In Favor Of Rose Bowl [Wetzel]

"Somewhere Mike Slive of the SEC and Larry Scott of the Pac-12 are kicking back with a cackle of delight. These guys are angling for every possible edge while the Big Ten and the Rose Bowl sit in adjacent bathtubs, holding hands and waiting for the moment to be right." Hard to see what the Big Ten gains from this, but oh well. Pac-12 would be happy to host Rose Bowl games instead of neutral site games, no skin off their bones. More on this later.

Pac-12 football boosting Utah economy, report says

[...] But fans of opposing teams came to Salt Lake City in far greater numbers this year, more than doubling from 546 per game on average to 1,272, injecting a few million additional dollars into the local economy.

Pac-12 CEOs Vote in Favor of Playoffs for Football

Leaders of the Pac-12 Conference agreed in principle Saturday to try to end college football's Bowl Championship Series, proposing its replacement with a playoff system that would allow only conference winners to play for college football's national title.

Big Ten May Push for Playoff

So it appears that the Big Ten is open to a four team playoff. Included in the discussion, higher seeds host the games. Couple this with the new Pac-12/Big-10 agreement and you could say... Someone's been talking to Larry.

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