Oregon Basketball: Ducks The Most Impressive Pac-12 NCAA Tournament Performers

Ezra Shaw

It was the Ducks who stood out the most from the conference in Week 1 of the NCAA Tournament.

Which Pac-12 players and teams stood out the most from the first week of performance?

Matt Takimoto, Addicted to Quack - How about Oregon winning two games against higher seeded opponents, and doing it with relative ease? Duck fans, myself included, gave Dana Altman's team a shot at making the second weekend, but I don't think anyone expected it to look this decisive or effortless.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: Oregon is the only team that really impressed me from the Pac-12 as I think Arizona kind of just got some good matchups against an overseeded Belmont and Harvard who had pulled off an upset against an overseeded New Mexico. I have been really impressed with the Ducks though. They easily beat an Oklahoma State team that has three first round draft picks in its backcourt and a Saint Louis team that a lot of people thought was a sleeper Final Four team.

As for individual players, Arsalan Kazemi is quickly becoming my favorite Pac-12 player, 16 and 17 rebounds in tournament games is amazing and Damyean Dotson's hot streak from the outside is maybe the biggest reason that the Ducks dismissed the Cowboys and Billikens with such ease.

NorcalNick, California Golden Blogs: Oregon really is the only choice, aren't they? Arizona beat teams that everybody would expect them to beat. And while I'm hardly shocked that Oregon knocked off a 4 and a 5 seed, the fashion they did it was certainly impressive. If Oregon keeps playing defense like that they should be able to stay close to just about anybody in the nation.

Andy Wooldridge, Building The Dam: Oregon is the only one in the conversation, and while their wins shouldn't have been considered as big of upsets as they were had they received a valid seed, their degree of dominance against undeniably quality opponents was still impressive.

There's also no doubt Arsalan Kazemi is the most impressive player. His rebounding has been a clinic.

Adam Butler, PacHoops: Oregon was the most impressive team as they rolled two highly regarded teams in OK State and St. Louis in getting to the Sweet 16. They look nothing like a 12-seed and are definitely going to cause problems for the Cardinal. The most impressive player, however, has been Mark Lyons. He's shooting greater than 60% on sport's biggest stage and scored 50 points in Arizona's first two games. It's long been discussed what Lyons means to this team and it comes as no surprise that as he's caught fire, the Wildcats have rolled. Can he keep it up in the face of Aaron Craft is the question?

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