Pac-12 Bowl Projections, Week 10: Oregon Vs. Alabama In BCS Title Game

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

A shot at the BCS Title still likely for Oregon, but the Ducks will be the only Pac-12 team to get into a BCS game.

BCS Championship - Oregon vs. Alabama

I think that these two teams are the only ones that will run the table, setting up an incredible showdown of the ultimate speed and tempo team against the ultimate deliberate, power team. I also think there is a good chance Oregon gets here even if Kansas State or Notre Dame wins out if the Ducks play at the level they have so far this season the rest of the way. You simply can't keep out a team in one of the four elite conferences who is putting games away against solid teams halfway through the first quarter.

Alamo Bowl - USC vs. Texas

With four or five losses, the Trojans won't be a BCS team and the Rose Bowl will be without a Pac-12 team this year with Oregon in the BCS Championship. There will be a major logjam after Oregon with USC being the most appealing team for the Alamo Bowl to take with the first pick and pit them in a rematch of the 2005 BCS Championship Game against Texas.

Holiday Bowl - Stanford vs. Oklahoma State

The Cardinal have to be thinking about where they would be sitting right now if they had pulled out heartbreakers at Washington and Notre Dame, but they still control their own destiny in the North Division. However, I don't see them competing with the Ducks and they will get a rematch with the Cowboys in San Diego.

Sun Bowl - Arizona vs. Miami

I think Arizona will actually win the rest of their regular season games and end up in a rematch with Oregon in the Pac-12 Championship Game where they will lose in Autzen again. The Wildcats will end up technically being the second-place team in the conference, but won't be as appealing to bowl committees as USC and Stanford. The Wildcats consolation prize will be a very mediocre Miami team they should roll.

Las Vegas Bowl - UCLA vs. Boise State

I think Oregon State should be here, but that the Bruins will be more a more "sexy" choice to face off with the Broncos. Some people think Boise State is destined for a BCS game, but I just don't see how that is possible or fair if their best win of the season is against Fresno State or San Diego State which it likely will be.

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl - Oregon State vs. Navy

This will be a major disappointment for a Beaver team that was ranked #7 at one point in October, but I just don't see them finishing the season well as their schedule strengthens and with their inconsistent play at quarterback. The Beavers will also suffer from being passed up by better bowls for more marquee programs. The good news is that they should hammer Navy.

New Mexico Bowl - Arizona State vs. New Mexico

A desert showdown, I think the Sun Devils might end the regular season on a sour note, but can bounce back by beating New Mexico in a de facto home game. I'm tempted to put Washington here, but I think Arizona State will get the nod due to their proximity to Albuquerque.

Military Bowl - Washington vs. Bowling Green

A testament to just how deep the conference is this year, I don't think Washington will get a designated conference bowl slot. However, I don't think enough ACC teams or military academies will qualify to fill the Military Bowl so they will take the best teams available and that will probably be the Huskies and a mid-major type team with a winning record.

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