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Conference Realignment: The Pac-12 Invites The Washington State Cougars

The Pac-12 can finally consider itself the Pac-12 again. In a long-expected move by the conference, Commissioner Larry Scott has formally extended an invitation to the Washington St. Cougars after notching an impressive come-from-behind victory against the Colorado Buffaloes in Boulder.

"We're really pleased with the progress WSU has made the past couple of seasons in working their way back to Pac-12 status. They really showed they can win football games in the conference. They're two for their last three! They're on progress to go to a bowl game this season if they keep it up! We really think they're ready to move ahead and start representing us as part of the conference once again."

"We're excited to be part of the Pac-12 experiment and that Commissioner Scott deems us worthy." WSU Athletic Director Bill Moos said in an official statement. "We're familiar with many of the teams we'd be playing the next couple seasons, and we feel we can make amazing things happen."

Moos added wryly: "We hope that we're the ones to be hosting the inaugural conference championship game in Pullman, a sentiment I'm sure our commish has pondered all offseason long."

Washington State brings to the conference a natural rivalry with UW, and it does give the conference a nice even number they can use to ensure a championship game is put in place. WSU might be the critical component that attract some of the other big football players in the conference like Texas and Oklahoma back into the fold.

Also, Keith Jackson went there.

Washington State was once considered as part of the Pac-10, but for years had disappeared and eventually been ruled as missing in action in previous seasons to consider expanding to get them. But now Scott feels as confident as ever that WSU is ready for Pac-12 admittance.

"We felt now was the time to extend their invitation. The Cougars can only go up from here, and we're looking forward to see what they can do in our conference."