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Bowl Projections 2011: Oregon And Stanford To BCS, Utah Potentially To Alamo

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A lot could happen for every Pac-12 team to land them in a hundred different bowls. Let's break them down as we kickoff Friday's action.

Oregon Ducks: Win the Civil War and they end up in the Pac-12 championship game. Win the Pac-12 championship game and they end up in Rose Bowl. Lose either game and it's likely the Alamo Bowl, as Oregon is unlikely to stay in the top 14 of the BCS rankings.

Projection: Rose. Oregon is a heavy favorite in every one of these games. The Ducks have no one to blame but themselves if they don't make it.

Stanford Cardinal: Beat Notre Dame and they maintain strong hopes of going to a BCS bowl by either clinching an at-large or being impressive enough to a bowl team and using the Andrew Luck factor to court an invitation regardless of their small fanbase. The Fiesta is the likeliest spot, although the Alamo could very well happen If Stanford's early

Projection: Fiesta. The chaos this weekend should help the Pac-12 in trying to land two major bowl bids. LSU-Alabama in the title game would probably mean the Sugar Bowl takes Michigan instead of the Fiesta Bowl, and opens the door for Stanford to be taken along with the Big 12 rep in this one.

Utah Utes: Utah is coming on strong, even if it's mostly them capitalizing off the easy schedule. They could very well finish with the fourth best record in the conference with a win against Colorado and some stumbling by some other teams though.

Projection: Presuming the Utes take care of business today, it's the Alamo if Washington & ASU lose, Holiday if one of them win, Sun if both of them win. The Utes haven't really been a great team this year, but who else has? Considering the proximity of Salt Lake City to San Antonio compared to a lot of other conference schools, there are lots of places the Utes could end up.

Washington Huskies: Funny to think that a team flailing to the finish could end up in one of the big bowls. The only big thing to remember is that the Holiday will be wary of picking UW two years straight, so considering their extensive fanbase they should be in good shape to go to a marquee top bowl.

Projection: Alamo if they win the Apple Cup. Sun or Vegas if they lose.

Arizona St. Sun Devils: This team is in free-fall. Beating Cal tonight could assuage a lot of fears. ASU is also not traditionally good at traveling when they start falling apart like this, so they might fall down the ladder regardless.

Projection: Holiday if they win tonight. Sun or Vegas if they lose.

UCLA Bruins: UCLA is not likely to travel hard this season with a lame duck head coach unless it's a marquee location like Vegas. Expect a local bowl this year to ensure decent turnout.

Projection: Vegas or Kraft Fight Hunger looking likely.

California Golden Bears: Cal could actually go a lot of different places if they win tonight. A loss almost certainly locks them back into San Francisco and a final home game at AT&T on New Year's Eve.

Projection: Kraft Fight Hunger if Cal loses. A Cal win could place them in the Sun or Vegas, even the Alamo or Holiday if a lot of upsets occur this weekend.

Bonus: Keep in mind that if the Pac-12 South Champion is 6-6 and loses the title game, they are no longer eligible for a bowl game. Considering UCLA plays USC and ASU plays Cal, only a Utah upset of Colorado could put that ugly scenario into play. It'll be best for the Utes to win today to take that scenario out of oplay.