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Jahii Carson Ineligibility Keeps ASU Basketball Ugly

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The Arizona St. Sun Devils weren't expected to do much on the hardcourt this year. Jahii Carson not playing a game this year will not help matters. Carson was ruled academically ineligible to play at Arizona State (Those words make less sense everytime you type them), meaning the Sun Devils will have to slog it out to win basketball games with Keala King and Chris Colvin running point. Oh the scares.

Have you ever seen a basketball team without a real point guard? It's like watching a soccer team with no midfielders. Everything becomes disjointed, no one can set the offense right, players are all over the place, defenses can sit back and dig in. The flow of the game quickly dissolves into an always non-entertaining contest of "who can hold the ball the longest before taking a poorly contested jumper". ASU is one of the worst ball-handling teams in the country and one of the worst teams at forcing turnovers. King and Colvin have turnover rates over 30. Guards should not turnover the ball every third possession.

Herb Sendek has his work cut out for him, but he is doing his best to try and stem the bleeding. ASU slows their games down to turn them into grind-out contests; only one of their losses has been by double-digits. Arizona State isn't a good basketball team, but Sendek is a good coach, and ASU should win a few games they would normally lose. Whether that's for the better or for the worse of the conference is up for discussion.