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Arik Armstead Official Visits: Cal, Notre Dame, Oregon, Alabama, Auburn, No Texas

Arik Armstead is considered one of the top recruits in the country. So you can imagine his recruitment is kind of a big deal to everyone.

Armstead has already made three official visits: To Notre Dame on the weekend of October 21st, to Alabama the weekend of November 5th, to Oregon the weekend of November 18th. He is expected to make two final officials: He will be in Berkeley this upcoming weekend when Cal has their big recruiting weekend. He figures to make his final trip to Auburn sometime in the next few weeks as he's been in contact with the coaching staff of the Tigers plenty. He will not take an official to Texas, probably making the Longhorns a longshot in this race.

(Armstead has never made an official trip to USC even though he committed to them.)

There is no read exactly on where Armstead wants to go. Some say the Ducks, some say the Irish, some say the Bears, some say he goes back to the Trojans. It'd be a shock to everyone if he ended up at one of the Alabama schools. You have to figure the schools getting the official visits are in good shape.