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Welcome To Pacific Takes!

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Greetings all. Welcome to your new home for comprehensive Pac-12 coverage on SB Nation! 

Why visit Pacific Takes?

With the college sports landscape in constant upheaval and our current commissioner Larry Scott continuing to expand the vision of the conference, the Pac-12 is fast becoming one of the most relevant entities in all of sports. With a full slate of great SB Nation sites that cover each individual team in the conference quite excellently, Pacific Takes hopes to spotlight the best of that coverage while contributing its own relevant perspectives on the conference and the teams that make it the true Conference of Champions.

What type of content can I expect to see on Pacific Takes?

  • Pac-12 related content, primarily related to college football and basketball, with potential discussion for non-revenue sports on the table.
  • Advanced game previews and analysis, particularly for the most important games each week.
  • More technical evaluations of players, schemes and formations that proliferate among the many Pac-12 teams.
  • A close look at the recruiting game, with some potential evaluations of Pac-12 recruits.
  • I might have made up those first four bullet points. I'll probably just end up drawing pictures of ponies and engage in nerd debates 90% of the time I'm on here.

Now, let's get started talking about the Conference of Champions!