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"Mr. Luck, Can You Sign My Matryoshka Doll?"

You have to hand it to Stanford Cardinal fans. They go out of their way to find eccentric things for their Heisman Trophy quarterbacks to sign. Here are the sort of things that are now adorned with the signatures of Andrew Luck, Chris Owusu, and Shayne Skov after the Stanford Football Open House.


I'm fairly certain that this gnome has jumped to the top of "most coveted gnomes" by the Gnome Collectors Guild. I'd cast some spells young boy, or at least make an avatar of it on whatever virtual game you play. If you plant that thing on your lawn, they will find him and take him and worship him.


This girl is a mad genius. She is clearly protesting her parents buying her these Uggs by making sure that they can never be worn ever again. Also, she has done the impossible and made these shoes useful. She can sell them on eBay to random sports memorabilia collector and help pay her way through four years of undergraduate private schoolage.

I salute you, little girl. You are a shrewd dealer of the highest order.


Okay. Even I have to admit those Matryoshka Dolls straight from St. Petersburg are pretty sweet. You have to wonder how Griff Whalen feels about being the baby though.

What's the coolest thing you've ever had autographed?