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Opening The 12 Pac, August 24th: USC Tight Ends, Portuguese Studies & Wings

Welcome to the first edition of Opening The 12 Pac! This will be your daily linkdump of all the pertinent Pac-12 news, and your daily discussion stop for anything Pac-12 related. If you find anything interesting, intriguing, or relevant to the Pac-12 in any way, this is the place to post it and talk about it!

"Are six wide receiver sets legal?" Two Trojans are out of the picture. Tight end Junior Pomee is gone for USC this season after breaking his foot. With Rhett Ellison back at fullback, USC might have no real tight ends with experience come opening day. Lane Kiffin better hope Matt Barkley can master shotgun spreads, because there won't be a tight end to give USC versatility in their offensiv esets.

Markeith Ambles is transferring, although it's rumored he was simply an apparition at Heritage Hall. USC is now down to 40 or so five star offensive receivers, so the damage could be significant. Marc Tyler's future is still in doubt. Get those empty shotgun sets ready.

Famous last words that have been uttered over and over. "I'm thinking of starting both of our quarterbacks."

What is Esperanto for "Meet me in my penthouse?" Tiger Woods and David Shaw took a class in Portuguese studies together, providing another of the many great "tourist guide classes" we all wish we took looking back at our checkered undergraduate lives.

Also, Shaw talked with John Madden today. That David Shaw, dropping names like its prom night.

Geography is a funny thing. Fresno State fans are well on their way to outnumbering Cal fans at this year's season opener at Candlestick Park. The Bears are now in a slightly embarrassing position where they might not be able to garner their revenue guarantee from the game because they couldn't sell enough tickets. It's hard to figure out the culprit, but it looks like the Cal ticket office and the Athletic Department are popular targets in this one.

Wingstop. Seriously, stop. Oregon kicker Rob Beard set a campus record by eating 48 wings at the Campus Chicken Shack. In unrelated news, Rob Beard missed all of his field goals from 40 yards and beyond in conference play last season. In related news to the unrelated news, Rob Beard attempted only one field goal outside from 40 yards and beyond in conference play last season. One can safely pretend to conjecture that less placekicking means more time to brush up on wing-eating.

Jeff Locke for quarterback. UCLA already has Locke handling punts and kickoffs. Are placekicks next?

Wow, our third kicker story? Alex Zendejas has lost his starting job with the Wildcats because he kicks the ball like the uprights are buried underneath the stadium. JuCo transfer Jamie Salazar is now in front.

This is currently Zendejas's legacy at Arizona.

Colorado running backs are so tiny. And we're not even talking about Speedy Stewart!

(via JediASU)

(via JediASU)

Sad stories. Brandon Magee, one of the first casualties of the Summer in Tempe madness. Here's to next season.