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Opening The 12 Pac, August 31: One More Day

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Only one more day dealing with depth charts, TV stuff, expansion rumors and stuff that don't involve actual football games. (Oh wait, I guess two. That's less than three, so that's a good sign.)

David Shaw is the American Dream. This New York Times profile by Pete Thamel on Shaw is the stuff that Lifetime movies are made of. Does it get more romantic than going into Jack in the Box and ordering tacoes and fries, then lounging on the Stanford campus? I'm looking forward to "The David Shaw Story", starring Cuba Gooding Jr., to debut on Pac-12 Northern California in 2014.

(Also, I'm not sure if Shaw is more in love with his wife or his school. The Lifetime love triangle in work!)

Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut are one and the same. Oh sure, Kevin Prince is the starter for UCLA, but it's only because someone has to go first. Brehaut should be all the ones back. Prince and Brehaut were pretty much mirrors in fall camp, which means you'll see no difference when one leaves the field and the other takes it against Houston. You'll be like, "Wow that Kevin Prince threw a pretty inconsistent game", then you'll look at the box score, see that Brehaut played half the snaps, and then be like "Wow that Kevin Prince threw a pretty inconsistent game".

My dump is your dump. USC seems committed to the Coliseum, ready to keep themselves in a stadium that is probably viewable from the International Space Station. The Trojans are looking to renovate things, which probably means "tearing the whole damn thing down and starting from scratch".

We can be just as patriotic as you. Pac-12 basketball teams will be staying on the court for the national anthem this year as suggested by personnel from ASU and Stanford.

Your thesis makes Bill Simmons nod his head, and isn't that all that matters. Michael Kruse of Grantland concludes in his college football dissertation that Oregon wins because of their uniforms, because really, who would choose to play football in small town Eugene rather than football paradisos like Norman, Oklahoma or Tuscaloosa, Alabama, WHERE WINNERS ARE MADE.

Oregon and LSU have the Willie Lyles Bowl. Cal and Fresno State have the Tracy Slocum Bowl! I haven't been there often, but I hear that in Fresno, pimping is considered a career opportunity

Already questioning Jon Embree's coaching acumen. "That may be the strength of their team, the Hawaii defense" are words that have never been uttered before, and should never be uttered again. 

Wilbur the Wildcat is involved in the worst romantic comedy ever. At least that's what I think this is.

WILBUR (via CapitalOne)