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Cal vs. Washington Thread: The George Henry Thomas Bowl (Also, UCLA-OSU & Colorado-Ohio State)

Since Colorado is playing a road game and Oregon State and UCLA are busy amassing paper cuts in Corvallis, our focus on the day game turns to the California Golden Bears and the Washington Huskies. These are two teams that really lag behind the Grants (Oregon) and Sherman (Stanford), but a win by either team should put them right on the road to bowl eligibility. George Henry Thomas sounds about right. Man won his victories then went home and ate his pancakes.

Washington's offense looks real good. The Huskies are rolling it up behind Keith Price, who's completing over 60% of his passes and putting up touchdowns. Jake Locker dreams of being Keith Price.  Their defense could use some work--again--but at least the Huskies have the confidence to know they can shoot it out in every game they play. Expect some upsets to be sprung by the Fighting Sarks.

Meanwhile, Cal is sputtering despite being 3-0. Offensive line troubles, pass defense breakdowns, quarterback malfunctions, same old same old But you just get that feeling if they get it together, they'll actually be real good at some point. You know, it's almost like every single Cal season you've ever watched! Still, their offense can keep up with Washington's.

Expect some fire. George Henry Thomas would approve.