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Notre Dame Recruiting: Could Armond And Arik Armstead Join Up?

One of the best recruits in the country is down to a couple of schools. Could his decision factor into where his brother ends up going?

Armond Armstead is likely transferring from USC and out of the Pac-12, probably to a school like Notre Dame, Auburn or Arkansas. His brother Arik is one of the top defensive line recruits in the country (and many consider he'd be the best offensive linemen of a loaded class), and seems to have narrowed his list to Notre Dame, Oregon and Cal.

You can see that only one of these programs fits the list of each brother.

It'd be a pretty compelling case for the Irish to lay down both Armsteads lining up on the same line and leading a Notre Dame defense back to glory. The Irish have lacked good defensive fronts for ages and would really like to see that improve.

However, don't think that brothers wanting to playing at the same school will end up being the deciding factor in this decision. Armond will only be around one year. Arik will have to stick around awhile longer. It would not at all be surprising if both players decided to forge their own destiny and choose their own schools.