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Washington Basketball Struggles Mightily Against Lowly Seattle

Three games in a row, the Washington Huskies have looked absolutely feckless. They got blown off the court by a disciplined Colorado Buffaloes squad that might be making noise. Then they struggled to survive against bottom-feeder Utah, although they avoided embarrassment like their pals in Pullman.

And now, this. Seattle. The Redhawks nearly staged the second most curious upset of the season at Edmunson Pavilion, and it's becoming clear this Husky team is dysfunctional in many, many ways.

Tony Wroten might be a great talent, but he should not be taking this many shots nor possessing the basketball this often. Wroten shot 40% from the field and 67% from the line in this one, and had six grand turnovers to match his six assists. He is a bit of a mess right now. He certainly isn't meshing with Abdul Gaddy, who missed all four field goal attempts and scored all seven points from the line.

Meanwhile, Washington's defense hemhorraged points. Seattle goes at a fast pace, but this was bad even for the Huskies, giving up nine threes and shooting better from inside the arc as well. Washington needed an incredible 59 free throw attempts to escape this one, because the Huskies missed 22 of them. Not sure which stat is more unbelievable there.

All of that, and UW still might be one of the best teams in the conference and a genuine threat to capture the Pac-12 title. Fancy that.