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Pacific Takes BlogPoll, Week 8: Three Pac-12 Teams in Top 10

Oregon holds off Florida and Kansas State while Oregon State, USC and Stanford slide up


1. Alabama - Alabama is doing just what they need to do to stay on top, but they have no room for any kind of slip ups with the rabid pack that is behind them.

2. Oregon - The Ducks are playing with as much confidence as any team I have ever seen. No one has even gotten close to play with them.

3. Florida - The Gators have beaten two Top 10 teams in three weeks and might have the most impressive resume of wins in the country.

4. Kansas State - Kansas State's resume is almost as impressive at Florida's right now.

5. Notre Dame - Not really sold on this team yet, but we will find out if they are actually legit next week in Norman.

6. LSU - The Tigers get a week off before hosting Alabama where they have the chance to make themselves the 1-loss team with the best shot at getting into the BCS Championship.

7. Oklahoma - The Sooners have a great shot to knock off one of the teams ranked ahead of them and sneak back into the BCS Championship hunt if they can beat Notre Dame next week.

8. Oregon State - The Beavers have looked very sluggish in their last two Pac-12 games. They will need to pick it up as they start to enter the tough part of their conference schedule.

9. USC - Granted it was against Colorado, but the USC offense finally actually looked like it was supposed to heading into the season.

10. Ohio State - Two-straight nail bitters against Indiana and Purdue make me wonder if this is actually a Top 10 team.

11. Mississippi State - Seems crazy that an SEC that is undefeated in late October still isn't ranked in the Top 10, but the Bulldogs haven't proved much. They will get their chance at Alabama next week.

12. Louisville - Louisville could very well go undefeated and not be a Top 8/BCS type team at the end of the season.

13. Georgia - The Bulldogs didn't impress against Kentucky after a week off. No team seems to underachieve every year more than Georgia.

14. Florida State - Speaking of underachieving teams, the Seminoles shouldn't lose a game until their showdown with Florida if they play well.

15. Texas Tech - One of the biggest surprises this year. Can the Red Raiders keep it going next week at Kansas State?

16. Clemson - It seems like almost every team in the ACC is about the same this year, so it's a good sign for Clemson that they were able to easily beat Virginia Tech.

17. Rutgers - In the next three weeks Rutgers plays Kent State and Army at home and has a bye. Seriously?

18. South Carolina - The Gamecocks finished a nightmare stretch against Georgia, at LSU and at Florida at 1-2. Not bad, but won't cut it in the SEC.

19. Stanford - The Cardinal are very close to being undefeated and ranked in the Top 5 right now.

20. Texas A&M - Another surprising Big 12 team, the Aggies have only lost two games in close ones to LSU and Florida.

21. Michigan - The Wolverines won ugly, but they still won and now have a great chance to win the Big 10.

22. Boise State - It's simply impossible for the Broncos to prove much in-conference. Is going independent or the Big 12 in their future?

23. Texas - Hard to understand how a team with as much talent as Texas could have as bad of a defense as the Longhorns do this year.

24. Wisconsin - The Badgers could easily sneak their way into a third-straight Rose Bowl with the only other two decent teams in their division ineligible and no one in the other division looking strong.

25. Ohio - Ohio's toughest remaining game before the expected MAC Championship Game is at Kent State. Could they be the new Boise State?