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Pacific Takes BlogPoll, Week 9: Oregon State and USC Tumble While UCLA Returns

The Ducks hold off Kansas State and Notre Dame again while upsets hurt Oregon State and USC and Stanford and UCLA rise

Stephen Dunn

1. Alabama - Alabama simply looks like an NFL team. Will anyone be able to challenge them this year?

2. Oregon - Kansas State and Notre Dame may have better resumes at the moment, but I think Oregon is better than both.

3. Kansas State - The Wildcats continue to show that they are a cut above the rest of the Big 12.

4. Notre Dame - I thought that Oklahoma would expose Notre Dame as overrated. I stand corrected.

5. LSU - The Tigers are one of the few teams that have the talent to match Alabama. But will they be able to hang with them this Saturday?

6. Ohio State - The Buckeyes bowl ban could be the most damaging ever if they run the table this season.

7. Georgia - The Bulldogs could make a run for the BCS Title Game if enough teams ahead of them lose and they win out.

8. Florida - The Florida defense is definitely legit, but is their offense good enough to get them consistent big wins?

9. Florida State - Florida State did what they should probably do every week... dominate the ACC.

10. Louisville - The Cardinals could run the table without beating one good team this season.

11. Clemson - Doing exactly what they need to do. Taking care of business and praying for another slip up from Florida State.

12. South Carolina - The Gamecocks now get a very much deserved week off after making it through a very tough mid-season schedule.

13. Oklahoma - A national title may be out of the picture now, but the Sooners still have the talent to have a great season.

14. Oregon State - The Beavers finally dropped a game after flirting with getting upset almost all season.

15. Stanford - The Cardinal still look painfully one dimensional, but still look as good as anyone in the Pac-12 outside of Oregon.

16. Texas A&M - The Aggies have really surprised in their first season in the SEC and look like the best team in the conference outside of the elites.

17. Mississippi State - The Bulldogs may not have looked good against Alabama, but honestly who does?

18. USC - It's definitely not a good sign for USC that they were beaten by Arizona's hurry-up offense as they face Oregon this week.

19. Boise State - The Broncos keep doing what they need to do, but will fall short of a BCS bid this year even if they can win out.

20. Texas Tech - The Raider finally ran out of upset magic but get the chance to keep themselves near the top of the conference this week against Texas.

21. Texas - Ugh, the Longhorns were barely able to beat Kansas.

22. UCLA - The Bruins got a huge win at Arizona State and now challenge USC for the Pac-12 South.

23. Nebraska - It hasn't been a dream season for the Huskers,but a Rose Bowl trip is a serious possibility.

24. Louisiana Tech - Louisiana Tech could be the best non-BCS conference team this season as they have only lost once in a shootout with Texas A&M.

25. Oklahoma State - Inching their way back, the Cowboys are still explosive on offense.