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Final Pac-12 Bowl Projections

Oregon and Stanford secure BCS bowls while a bevy of good Pac-12 teams line up behind them.

Kevork Djansezian

Rose Bowl

Stanford vs. Nebraska

Stanford should be able to beat UCLA for the second time in 6 days and get back to the Rose Bowl for the first time since the 90's. Nebraska's backfield should be too much for Wisconsin in a rematch and the Huskers will be one of the weakest Big 10 representatives in the Rose Bowl in a long time. I really like this matchup for the Cardinal as they might have the best run defense in the country.

Fiesta Bowl

Oregon vs. Kansas State

It's not quite the BCS Championship Game, but the Ducks should be excited about making it for a fourth-straight BCS bowl. I have my doubts about whether or not Kansas State can bounce back and beat Texas this week to secure a BCS bowl bid, but I think they can coming off a bye week. I would much rather see the Ducks matchup with a big time SEC defense to see how their offense competes with it as I think this matchup would be rather dull and the Ducks offense would do what Baylor did to Kansas State two fold.

Alamo Bowl

UCLA vs. Texas

UCLA will be the most appealing of the Pac-12 bowl teams that don't qualify for the BCS coming off a loss in the Pac-12 Championship. Their reward will be a disappointing Texas team but also a virtual home game for the Longhorns in nearby San Antonio.

Holiday Bowl

Oregon State vs.TCU

The Beavers will actually end up being the highest ranking team in the Pac-12 after Oregon and Stanford when the regular season is over and they will be rewarded for it by being selected for the best bowl they made it to since 2000 when they dominated Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl. The Beavers will get to face off with a team similar to them in TCU that is tough, well-coached and plays good defense.

Sun Bowl

USC vs. NCState

El Paso sucks and it has to really suck when you thought you would be in the BCS Championship Game or at least the Rose Bowl going into the season. The Trojans are reeling and they really need a win to get things back on track. The good news for them is that they will be getting an NCState team that is struggling even more than they are due to North Carolina and Miami being ineligible for postseason play.

Las Vegas Bowl

Washington vs. Boise State

The Huskies and their well traveling fan base should be irresistible to the Las Vegas Bowl, especially since they have never had the Huskies before. Their opponent might be tough for the bowl to pick though, as they might be tired of having Boise State after hosting them the past two years. This would also add a lot of intrigue to next year's opener in the new Husky Stadium, as Washington hosts Boise State in their opener come September.

Fight Hunger Bowl

Arizona State vs. Navy

The Fight Hunger Bowl will essentially be left to pick which Arizona school they want and I assume they would take the one that won their rivalry game. The Sun Devils will get the chance to prove that they truly have really improved their discipline against the Naval Academy.

New Mexico Bowl

Arizona vs. Nevada

The Wildcats are a very good team to end up in Albuquerque and their placement there would really be a testament to the strength of the upper-middle portion of the conference this season. They would have to be ready though, as Nevada is one of the better non-BCS programs in the country.