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Pac-12 Bowl Projections, Week 11

The Ducks are still on pace for the BCS Championship Game, but no other Pac-12 teams look BCS worthy at the moment.

Mike Ehrmann

BCS Championship

Alabama vs. Oregon

I think that the computers will be enough to get Kansas State or Notre Dame in over Oregon, but I don't see either winning out and I actually think that Oregon has a better chance to win out than Alabama. This is the match-up that everyone is hoping for though and I think they are the two best teams in the country.

Alamo Bowl

USC vs. Texas Tech

I guess this was the "unfinished business" that Matt Barkley was talking about? I think the Trojans have a shot at the Rose Bowl if they can win two out of their last three against UCLA, Notre Dame and likely at Oregon, but I don't see that happening. Their reward will be getting to play Texas Tech in San Antonio.

Holiday Bowl

Stanford vs. West Virginia

Stanford still controls their own destiny in the Pac-12 North but judging by how they played against Oregon with better teams, I don't see them winning that matchup this year. However, they will still be a very appealing bowl team and will setup a great speed and quickness vs. size and strength game against West Virginia.

Sun Bowl

UCLA vs. Duke

The Bruins suddenly look like an awaking power again, but I don't think they will be able to beat USC to take the South Division and will have to settle with a trip to El Paso. The good news for the Bruins is that they will be served up a Duke team that Jim Mora and his boys should brutalize.

Las Vegas Bowl

Washington vs. San Diego State

I think the Huskies will actually win more games in 2012 than they did in 2010 and 2011 but end up going to a lesser bowl due to USC being eligible and only one Pac-12 being in the BCS. As a Husky fan, I hate them in the Las Vegas Bowl though, as they will either get a rematch with San Diego State and rematches always favor the team that lost the first time, or Boise State who they open up with in 2013 which could easily setup the same situation.

Fight Hunger Bowl

Oregon State vs. Navy

Unfortunately for the Beavers, I think they will drop games to Stanford and Oregon, which will tie them up with more bowl appealing teams like Stanford, Washington and UCLA and they will get passed up. Riley will have to keep his guys motivated if they end up in a lower-tier bowl like this one.

New Mexico Bowl

Arizona vs. Nevada

I was buying big on the Wildcats last week, and even though I am not selling hard on them now, I think the hole they dug themselves in during the first three weeks of conference play will bury them into the nearby New Mexico Bowl where they will play a fellow up-tempo team.

Still Alive

Arizona State - I think the Sun Devils finish at 6-6, but won't qualify for an automatic Pac-12 bowl and i see all of the other bowls being filled at the moment, though I think that could easily change and a non-automatic Pac-12 bowl will select them.

Utah - The Utes are at four wins with thee games left and have the Colorado "Free Bingo" square remaining. They will need to avoid getting upset against the Buffaloes (which they failed to do in 2011) and either beat Washington on the road or Arizona in Salt Lake City to have a shot at getting selected for a bowl.