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Bracketology 2012: Pac-12 Basketball One Bid Nightmare In Play?

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36 hours before Selection Sunday, the Pac-12 has no idea which teams they'll be sending to the Dance. All they can expect is plenty of derision for the teams they do end up sending.

The Washington Huskies are the conference regular season champions, but things couldn't have ended worse for them with losses to middling UCLA and Oregon State. Washington winning the Pac-12 felt more like a backdoor clincher than something they actually won, and they did nothing to prove they were worthy of a bid when they couldn't stop the Beavers.

The California Golden Bears were probably safe after beating Stanford, but they got nothing going either against Colorado and looked meek against a fairly inconsistent team in-conference for the second game in a row, barely hitting 60 points in either contest. Cal doesn't look like the team that started Pac-12 play 13-3, and they're bottoming out at the worst possible time.

So is there really a chance for a one bid Pac-12? The USA Today has already brought up the possibility of a one bid league, although it doesn't really gel with other projections from ESPN and SB Nation.

The winner of the Pac-12 tournament will provide the conference at least one team. Neither the Colorado Buffaloes nor Arizona Wildcats was likely to make it otherwise, which will probably take away a bid from a bubble team. That bubble team could be Washington, or Cal, or a host of other teams, but it further clouds up how far any of these teams end up making it.

It'd be surprising if the Selection Committee turns away Washington. Even if the Huskies are one of the weaker conference champions in recent memory, it's been a long time since the Selection Committee has turned away a conference champion with a profile that strong.

Additionally, Cal actually has a stronger resume than UW, but again, not winning either the conference or the tournament doesn't bode well for them. While three bids doesn't seem likely to everyone who's been watching college basketball, it's not as remote a possibility as you might think.

Regardless of bids, Larry Scott has to be less than pleased with the state of affairs for the conference. Even if the Pac-12 gets multiple bids, it's likely all of them will be lower seeds and none of them would be likely to win a single contest. This year has been a black mark for the conference, and things need to turn around in a hurry.