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2012 CBI Tournament: Washington State, Oregon State Prepare To Duel Once More


Could the CBI have its third Pac-12 champion in four years? They're definitely going to have a team in the final to fight for that honor of being the team that wins "Best Participation" certificates in elementary school.

The Washington St. Cougars and the Oregon St. Beavers cruised to victory in their quarterfinals, and are ready to face off for the fourth time this season on Wednesday. I'm sure you're all in the mood for the game that virtually no one will be watching, because it's going to be the best game ever that no one will watch.

Oregon State is very good at one thing--scoring points. TCU is very bad at another thing: Giving up buckets. I'm guessing the only one terribly sad about this result is the local Taco Bell in Corvallis.

Green hit a jumper, but that prompted Brandt to go on a personal 8-0 run, started with back to back 3 pointers, which set up the moment that most aroused the crowd of 2,315. With the Beaver Dam chanting "Cha-Lu-Pa! Cha-Lu-Pa!", Burton pulled down a rebound and fed senior captain Kevin McShane, who had missed Oregon St.'s CBI opening round win over Western Illinois with a hip pointer, and McShane delivered the dunk that pushed the Beavers to the 100 point mark, and the game's largest margin, 27 points, with still over 2 minutes left.

Washington State rode Brock Motum and Abe Lodwick's goofy face to victory. The goofy face was strong in this one.

Motum started shaky and was having trouble holding on to the ball. Ken Bone quickly pulled him out and sat him down for a few minutes. Upon returning, Brock was his same old unstoppable self, finishing the game with 25 points on 9-16 shooting. Lodwick showed as much confidence on offense as ever, even knocking down a pull-up mid-range jumper in the second half. Abe was efficient is posting a career high, scoring 16 points on 6-9 shooting.

Oregon State and Washington have played three times previously, with inconclusive results. The Beavers got swept in the regular season because they're really good at letting teams put up 80 points on them on any given night. However, the Beavers cored a tournament victory after realizing Motum was the only consistent offensive option and learned that Joe Burton is the glue that holds together the fabric of space.

The Beavers and Cougars will play Wednesday night on HD Net, right after two very pivotal episodes of JAG. Not sure which is more significant overall; take your pick!