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Help The Pac-12 Network Out; Petition Your Cable And Satellite Providers

For those familiar with the initial framework of the Pac-12 Network, you probably know that the network will be distributed to four primary cable networks. However, there's probably a sizable minority (or even a small majority of avid sports watchers) that don't subscribe to any of these cable services. Probably the most important minority are the households that have DirectTV, which continues to take its time for negotiating a deal with the conference (and might wait until the very last minute to come to terms).

The Pac-12 continues to be proactive in trying to make sure as many fans everywhere will be able to have an opportunity to get the network. If your service provider (most likely just the four original cable providers) doesn't have it, then you can petition/request your current provider to bring in the Pac-12 Network or they'll be forced to cancel their service. It's a good move to ensure the conference is going at it and wants to make sure its fans have a say in whether they get to watch the network with as many alternative options as possible outside their four major dealers.

While the Pac-12 Network would probably end up as part of the sports package for satellite providers like DirectTV and Dish, at least it would be available. Most likely this process will be drawn out (it could go down to the final weeks), but petitioning the networks certainly couldn't hurt. Once demand for the network goes up, it'll be harder to turn it down! The ability to view the network on different carriers other than the original four could be dependent on your petitions, so click the original link provided to send out yours!

Just don't expect immediate results, but raising awareness about what the network needs could be huge.