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Pac-12 Networks Trailer: Launch Coming August 15th

(via pac12conf)

Two more months. Two more months until the sun brightens, the trees turn to chocolate, the rats transform into flying buffaloes, the homeless troubadors start dancing like shaolin monks, and almost everyone who's ever been interested in the content of our site will soon feel like they have a free puppy on their TV.

There are issues with distribution, and scheduling, and satellite companies, and carriage fees, and incredible logistical and technological leaps of faith that are being put in place with this new enterprise. But that always seems to be the case when bold steps are taken.

The Pac-12 Networks are coming (seven, if you're willing to count them), one for the whole nation, six regionally. The conference doesn't do so well. Football and basketball catches up to the real world, and the Olympic sports (with their excellent tradition) will hopefully set a new paradigm for how to cover them on the collegiate level. And the digital networks only sound all the more promising.

Here comes the Pac-12, ready for the new age.