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Pac-12 Basketball Alumni All-NBA Team

Kevin Love headlines the Pac-12 Alumni All-NBA Team
Kevin Love headlines the Pac-12 Alumni All-NBA Team

Despite the recent struggles of the conference, the Pac-12 is very well represented in the NBA, with the second most alumni of any conference on rosters at the start of the 2011-12 season, which is more than many conferences that are regularly regarded as being more talented, including the Big East. While UCLA and Arizona do hold more than half of those alumni, all of the school combined other than Oregon State bring an interesting handful of talented pro's, including some that are among the league's elite stars.

First Team

Kevin Love - PF - Minnesota (UCLA)

A throwback and one of the best young players in the league, hopefully the T-Wolves can improve, or Love finds his way to a better team as it would be a shame for him to spend much more of his career in the cellar of the Western Conference. One of the best rebounders in the league, particularly on the offensive boards and is incredibly versatile, able to hit threes and convert at the free throw stripe.

Russell Westbrook - PG - Oklahoma City (UCLA)

Was already a star heading into the playoffs, but has taken his game even further in the last month or so, possibly even being more crucial in getting the Thunder past the Lakers than Kevin Durant. Westbrook's ability to keep games at his lightning pace makes him one of the most valuable players in the league for any team and is a big part of why the Thunder are so dangerous.

Brook Lopez - C - New Jersey (Stanford)

Despite losing almost all of last season to injury and playing for the hapless Nets, Lopez is far and away the best big man in the league other than Love to play for a Pac-12 school. Lopez' value as a pro can be increased by the fact that he is a true big man that doesn't put much focus on an outside game. Hopefully he can come back at full strength in 2012-2013.

Andre Igoudala - SG - Philadelphia (Arizona)

Faces some unfair criticisms for being paid like a superstar when he is actually just a really good player, Igoudala is the kind of player that every coach wants on their team. He can score, rebound, pass and guard the opponents best perimeter player and showed during the 76ers playoff run this season that he can be counted on in the clutch.

James Harden - SG - Oklahoma City (Arizona State)

The 2012 Sixth Man of the Year wouldn't just start on almost any other team in the league, but would probably be the best player on a number of other teams. Because he plays with Durant and Westbrook though, Harden thrives in the role of being the spark off the bench and does it better than anyone in the league.

Second Team

DeMar DeRozan - SG - Toronto (USC)

Hidden from the rest of the world up in Canada, DeRozan has quietly averaged 16 and 17 the past two seasons after a quiet rookie campaign. One of the most athletic players in the league, DeRozan would probably be best served in a role similar to Igoudala's, on a good team with other guys who are solid scorers.

Andrew Bogut - C - Golden State (Utah)

Unfortunately Bogut's career has been saddled with injuries, but when healthy he is capable of averaging a double double while also being a presence inside on defense. Bogut was a 3rd Team All-NBA selection in 2010, but his numbers have lagged in the last couple of years due to injury so hopefully the Aussie big man can revive his career and stay healthy as a Warrior.

Ryan Anderson - PF - Orlando (Cal)

The dysfunction and injury problems of Dwight Howard this season led to Anderson having a breakout year in which he averaged 16 points and 7 rebounds while shooting nearly 40 percent from three and won the Most Improved Player Award.

Jrue Holiday - PG - Philadelphia (UCLA)

Much like his teammate Igoudala, Holiday stepped it up in the 76ers playoff run and is a big part of why they got past Chicago and took Boston to 7 games. Holiday is a great pure scorer and has developed into a Westbrook like point guard after being more of a combo guard in college.

Arron Afflalo - SG - Denver (UCLA)

Coming off the best year of his career in which he average 15 points per game while also being the Nuggets lock down defender on the perimeter. Has steadily improved his shooting along with rebounding and ball skills during the course of his career and is a big part of an exciting young nucleus in Denver.

Third Team

Jason Terry - SG - Dallas (Arizona)

Was arguably the second best player on the Mavericks 2011 championship team and is perpetually one of the best players to come off of the bench in the league. Has started to show some signs of age, but should remain as one of the league's most crafty veteran guards for a few more years.

Chauncey Billups - PG - LA Clippers (Colorado)

One of the best veteran point guards in the league, Billups showed just how valuable he was as the Clippers slipped down the stretch of the season once he went down. Adept at stepping his game up in the playoffs, Billups could be invaluable for the Clippers as they continue their growth into an elite team.

Spencer Hawes - C - Philadelphia (Washington)

The 76ers have a nice nucleus of Pac-12 alumni and like his Pac-12 brethren, Hawes had a great playoff run this season, putting in career games against the Bulls and Celtics. He has a long ways to go before he is at the level of Love, Lopez, Bogut or Anderson, but is the best of the second tier big men from the conference.

Andre Miller - PG - Denver (Utah)

Was one of the most underrated players in the league for years but was always relegated to weak franchises, never even getting out of the first round. Miller is near the end of his career, but is still one of the best distributing point guards in the league and is a clutch player who can score when needed.

Klay Thompson - SG - Golden State (Washington State)

Surprised many who never saw him play during his years in Pullman by being the best rookie in the league last season other than Kyrie Irving. Thompson made the first team of the All-Rookie team and is one of the best developing young scorers in the NBA.

Honorable Mention

These guys were close to making third team and could easily be switched out with some of the lower guys on third team.

O.J. Mayo - SG - Memphis (USC) - Could start for a lot of teams in the league, like a poor man's Harden for the Grizzlies.

Trevor Ariza - SF - New Orleans (UCLA) - Had a breakout year during the Lakers championship run in 2009 followed by a great statistical year with the Rockets in 2010 but has slipped in the last couple of seasons.

Isaiah Thomas - PG - Sacramento (Washington) - Really came on towards the end of the season as a scorer and like Thompson, could develop into one of the better young scorers in the league.

Channing Frye - PF - Phoenix (Arizona) - Carries a very unique set of skills and is great in the Steve Nash, run and gun Suns offense.

Luke Ridnour - PG - Minnesota (Oregon) - An underrated point guard who seems to always be filling in on bad teams, but can score and distribute..

Darren Collison - PG - Indiana (UCLA) - Has actually fallen off a little bit since his rookie season but is still a solid player on a very good team.

Taj Gibson - PF - Chicago (USC) - Like Collison, has also seen his production go down a little bit since he was a rookie after the Bulls acquired Carlos Boozer.