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Pac-12 Digital Networks Announced, Powered By Ooyala

Larry Scott is a dreamer. A dreamer who turns reality into dreams.

And the Pac-12 is full of dreams. Dreamy dreaming dreams.

Ooyala is currently developing custom TV apps for the PAC-12 that will deliver live and on-demand sporting events to connected viewers around the world, no matter which Pac-12 team they follow. These iOS and Android experiences will enable social sharing and commenting, with integrated Facebook and Twitter feeds featured right next to premium, broadcast-quality video. Connected viewers will also have access to stats, scores, press conferences and documentaries that enhance traditional TV programming.
Ooyala’s Big Data Architecture and real-time analytics will help Pac-12 Network viewers create personalized, multi-screen viewing experiences based on their own preferences. Now USC football fans can stay up to date with all the breaking news, highlights and gridiron analysis, while UCLA basketball supporters will have access to Bruins updates, 24/7. This dynamic, data-driven insertion process matches the most appropriate content to online video viewers in real time.

As your primary Pac-12 analyst who tries to keep a rational head about anything that comes our way, here's what I have to say.

This sounds sooooo cool.

Could there be caveats? The biggest impediment might be that you must subscribe to at least one of the primary cable services that are planning to provide the Pac-12 Network. It's possible that like the "Watch ESPN Online" apps, the arrangement you'd have would be utilizing an Internet or phone subscription without being tied into a cable/satellite package of some sort. So getting this super-awesome fun time app might cost a bit more than just downloading something titled "Pac-12" in your app store.

Other than that though? Dope man. Totally dope. The ultimate awesomeness would be if this was a stand-alone app you have to pay for. Then there would be a decent shot that all you will ever need to follow the Pac-12 is your laptop or your mobile device, and a TV could just end up being a luxury item there to give you all the other goodies. Not only would you have access to live events, but on-demand events, meaning you could watch the game later on in the archives.

If they can create that sort of standalone product, the Pac-12 Network is all set to build the future in the present.