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Pac-12 Win Totals: USC And Oregon Deadlocked For Tops In Conference

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Some early win totals have been leaked from Las Vegas, and Beyond the Bets was happy to let us know about some of those figures. Here are the initial impressions.

Arizona State: Over/Under 5.5

I'm sure Todd Graham would just be happy to get to six wins this season and work to build things up going into the seasons beyond that. He's not in a great spot in Tempe and a strong rebuilding effort is needed.

Washington State: Over/Under 5.5

Pretty sure Cougar fans would start building that statue to Leach if they got back to a bowl game this season. Definitely possible and the schedule sets up fairly strongly for them.

UCLA: Over/Under 5.5

Imagine everything I said about Washington State, then imagine the opposite. This is how UCLA fans would feel if they hovered around a mere six wins in Mora's first season.

Cal: Over/Under 6.5

Seems a little low coming off a seven win season, but Cal is losing a bunch of starters on both sides of the football, particularly from their top-ranked defense. Considering how many struggles the Cal offense has had lately, this is not a good formula for success.

Stanford: Over/Under 7.5

Not much respect for the Cardinal at all without the Luck. It is hard to imagine that offense functioning without an adequate signal-caller, so whoever makes the calls in the huddle better have something to show.

Washington: Over/Under 7.5

Apparently a new hot-shot defensive coordinator in Seattle isn't enough to convince the bookmakers that the Huskies are any more capable of beating a big opponent. Keith Price might be a solid talent, but he's going to have to do some more convincing on the football field.

Oregon: Over/Under 10.5

The Ducks better hope LaMichael James isn't as vital as he looked, because their schedule is no cakewalk in their loaded division. Add in the potential two matchups with USC if they end up winning the North as expected, and Oregon will have a lot on their plate to stay on top of the conference.

USC: Over/Under 10.5

Shocking. Who could have foreseen this. The Trojans will be favorites in all their games this regular season, and the majority of them will be double digit affairs. USC will have a hard time getting through this diverse Pac-12 unscathed, but they will be a good be to go 8-1. Considering USC hasn't lost out-of-conference since the Spanish-American War, that makes them a pretty good bet to get to 11.