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Penn State Scandal: Pac-12 Reactions From The Freeh Report

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The devastating news from the Freeh Report has sparked nationwide reaction and outcry, and we're getting some clear-cut reaction from the west. Here are a few looks from around the conference.

Allan Brettman of The Oregonian talks a little bit about the impact the Penn State reaction will have on Nike. Phil Knight is considered the primary donor for Oregon schools.

Paterno had a partnership with Nike extending to the company's earliest years, often participating in company events and forming a friendship with company co-founder and board chairman Phil Knight.

Knight gave a stirring eulogy at Paterno's memorial service Jan. 26 on the Penn State campus in State College, Pa., castigating the university's leadership and reaffirming his friendship with the coach. Of the dozen speakers at the memorial, Knight was the only one without ties to the university and the only one to address the Sandusky child abuse scandal.

Nike has removed the name of Joe Paterno from their Development Center in reaction to the report.

Jon Gold and Scott Wolf, Los Angeles Daily News has a little on the reaction from the state of California, particularly with regards to the public universities which would include schools like Cal and UCLA:

Mike Uhlenkamp, spokesman for the California State University Chancellor's Office, said recent legislation has been introduced to the California Assembly that details the reporting of sexual abuse.

While the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act was put into law in 1974, recent bills introduced in January would expand on it. The new bills would add employees, including administrators and coaches of public or private postsecondary institutions as mandated reporters of abuse.

"We have followed the guidelines that are laid out in the federal Child Abuse and Neglect Act," Uhlenkamp said. "What we've done is identified what are called mandatory reporters - positions throughout the university system in 22 campuses, individuals who might come into contact with minors - and if they are witness to anything, they are obligated to report it. The policy we have that follows those guidelines establishes the safeguards, and if you're obligated to report, it's a misdemeanor if you don't.

Bob Bernick of the Utah Pulse has this report about how the state of Utah can learn from its past to avoid having authority figures like Joe Paterno wreak havoc ... The Arizona Republic believes the Penn State was not an isolated occurrence ... Bud Withers of the Seattle Times talks about the culture of protection regarding the administration and head coach Joe Paterno ... Ray Ratto has had enough regarding the statue.