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Pac-12 Football: A Shutdown Fullback Sci-Fi Adventure

If you don't know much about Jason Kirk and Spencer Hall, they produce SB Nation's Peabody-nominated YouTube series Shutdown Fullback. They're going through the run of the conference previews this season, and the Pac-12 is on deck. Here you will learn the most important things in the world about the Pac-12 as viewed by those who believe The Graduate was a documentary on West Coast living.

Enjoy the following:

  • The future is apparently being produced by Jefferson Starship.
  • Pac-12 athletics envy for being pretty excellent at everything: We get called names. Names I say!
  • A brief rundown of every school, a travelogue of sorts. There appear to be numerous references to "What What In The Butt".
  • All facts presented are true and irrevocable.
  • Pac-12 weather envy, because none of us Westerners know the pain of wearing three t-shirts in one day while soaking the rest off.
  • Mascot rankings that lead off with Oregon's The Duck (obvious), Tommy Trojan of USC (somewhat obvious) and the Stanford Tree (because WHAT NOW?).

Pac-12 Football: A Shutdown Fullback Sci-Fi Adventure (via sbnation)