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Pac-12 Network: Live TV Schedule, First Three Weeks

So the Pac-12 Network released its first three weeks of events, and gave us a glimpse into the type of programming we'll see this first season. Right now it's looking like a lot of live TV events, followed by replay of live events.

For the most part, all the events are telecast on every channel, except for a few occasional events by the California schools that are being broadcast simultaneously (Stanford soccer fixture going national while USC soccer match goes local, or Cal field hockey prompting the Bay Area broadcast while Gonzaga-Washington goes elsewhere). I'm guessing you should be able to watch multiple events all at once.

The one notable exception is Nicholls State vs. Oregon State, which will be broadcast on Pac-12 Oregon only live (although it will be available tape-delayed twice the next two days on the national network), while every other network will show Cal vs. Nevada at noon. It remains to be seen if there will be overflow channels to show the other game.

Given that most of the network programming will be duplicated on either the regional or the national channel, I wouldn't be surprised if the Pac-12 Network has only the regional networks broadcasting in their respective regions and the national network fills into the sports tier as an overflow channel for when multiple events are being broadcast simultaneously. But this is me conjecturing about stuff.

It remains to be seen what they'll do September 8th, when three football games are being broadcast at the same time. Will you have to go online (where all events will be available if you're a subscriber to the TV network) or to other devices to watch the other one or two matchups not on the national network? Or will you have the option of overflow channels similar to the Big Ten Network? That subject has yet to be broached.

After the jump, a series of events. All times Pacific.

Friday, August 17

7:00 PM
Women’s soccer: Santa Clara at Stanford (All seven networks)

Friday, August 24

5:00 PM
Men’s soccer: Gonzaga at Washington (National, Arizona, LA, Mountain, Oregon, Washington)
Field hockey: Maryland at Cal (Bay Area)

7:00 PM
Men’s soccer: New Mexico at UCLA (All seven networks)

Saturday, August 25

Women’s soccer: BYU at Utah (All seven networks)

Sunday, August 26

1:00 PM
Women’s soccer: Minnesota at USC (National, Arizona, LA, Mountain, Oregon, Washington)
Field hockey: Maryland at Stanford (Bay Area)

3:00 PM
Women’s soccer: Missouri at Cal (All seven networks)

Tuesday, August 28

7:00 PM
Women’s volleyball: Jiangsu at USC, (All seven networks)

Wednesday, August 29

7:00 PM
Women’s volleyball: Jiangsu at UCLA (All seven networks)

Thursday, August 30

3:00 PM
CFB pre-game (All seven networks)

4:00 PM
CFB: Northern Colorado at Utah (All seven networks)

7:30 PM
CFB: Northern Arizona at Arizona State (All seven networks)

11:00 PM
CFB Post-Game (All seven networks)

Friday, August 31

2:00 PM
Field hockey: Northwestern at Cal (All seven networks)

4:00 PM
Women’s soccer: Boston College at Stanford (National, Bay Area, Arizona, Mountain, Oregon, Washington)
Women’s soccer: Duke at USC (LA)

6:00 PM
CFB Pre-Game (All seven networks)

7:00 PM
CFB: San Jose State at Stanford (All seven networks)

10:30 PM
CFB Post-Game (All seven networks)

Saturday, September 1

11:00 AM
CFB Pre-Game (All seven networks)

CFB: Nevada at Cal (National, Arizona, Bay Area, LA, Mountain, Washington)
CFB: Nicholls State at Oregon State (Oregon)

3:30 PM
CFB: Post-Game (All seven networks)

6:30 PM
CFB: Pre-Game (All seven networks)

7:30 PM
CFB: San Diego State at UW (National)

11 PM
CFB: Post-Game (National)

Sunday, September 2

Women’s soccer: San Francisco at Cal (All seven networks)

4 PM
Football rewind (All seven networks)