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Pac-12 Network Programs: Football Pre-Game And Post-Game One Hour Shows

The Pac-12 Network doesn't have much original programming to start things off this year, but there is one thing of note--very long pregame and post game telecasts before and after each and everyone of their football games.

There will be four pre-game and post-game shows the first three days of the season, starting with the Thursday double-header of Northern Colorado vs. Utah and Northern Arizona vs. Arizona State.

The original hires seem to indicate that Summer Sanders, Rick Neuheisel and Ronnie Lott will be the main in-studio talent for these pre-game and post-game shows, although I wouldn't be surprised if there's a few more faces that end up doing some analysis, at-the-game dispatches or some pre-taped pieces getting into the nitty-gritty. I can't imagine how the Pac-12 will be able to stretch out hour-long pre-game and post-game shows with just those three talking on their own.

I imagine things will calm down after Week 1 when the schedule normalizes, particularly when the majority of the Pac-12 Network games become Saturday contests. The Network has a tripleheader on their plate in Week 2, so there will likely be only one pre-game show in the morning and one post-game show in the afternoon. However, there will probably be multiple Saturday pre-game and post-game events on a regular basis.

It'll be interesting to see if there are pre-game or post-game shows to Thursday or Friday night football games when the games aren't being broadcast on the regular network, or whether the Pac-12 will just hold back for their own telecasts, although we'll probably get an answer by Week 2 when Utah travels to Utah State. You'd figure the Pac-12 Network will send their studio team to the Championship Game, but everything else remains up for grabs.

At the very least, we get two hours of dedicated reporting to our conference on a weekly basis (plus the occasional replays the day after) that should keep Pac-12 fans pretty well-informed about what the goings on are with their football teams.