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Pac-12 Network Play-By-Play Announcer: Kevin Calabro

In case you aren't familiar with the work of Kevin Calabro (another one of the three play-by-play men to get tabbed by the Pac-12 Network for primary announcing duties, Ted Robinson being one of them), here's a sample of his seminal work.

He's not quite as energetic as he used to be, but Calabro can still give it to you. This is a call from Calabro just a few months ago.

Yeah, he brings it. It's really a pleasure to listen to him call a game, because he can go from regular announcing voice to Defcon-5 in an instant. Similar to Gus Johnson, he does a good job at conveying the emotional level of the game, although he does a good job measuring it throughout the contest.

One of the best announcers on the West Coast, Calabro was offered the chance to join the Seattle Super Sonics in their relocation to Oklahoma City, but he stayed behind and remained loyal to the fans he's been calling games for over two decades. Since then he's dabbled, doing some Fox Sports Northwest stuff which gave him the chance to cover a little of both Washington and Washington State hoops, and he occasionally dabbled with some NBA coverage on ESPN. But since the Sonics left town, one of the best play-by-play announcers in sport has kind of been jobless on that front.

It's really nice to see Calabro back with a regular gig. You figure that until the Sonics get a new basketball team he might make this his main gig with both college football and basketball, and he probably stands a good shot at being the conference's primary basketball play-by-play voice. Calabro will probably handle a lot of the Northwest duties (similar to how Ted Robinson is likely to handle the Bay Area), although considering he has no prior gigs, his schedule is probably far more flexible.