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Pac-12 Network: Full Game Replays And Fast Forward Telecasts

More Pac-12 Network programming looks, this time looking at how the Network will handle their game replays.

What is interesting is how the Pac-12 will set up some of their game replays. They'll not only have full game replays which you figure will fill up most of their weekday programming (the Pac-12 Championship game between Oregon and UCLA is getting broadcast six times in the first two days of the network), but they also will have far more abbreviated broadcasts to give fans in a hurry a chance to experience the game in as short a period as needed.

Take a look at the programming schedule for the first three days of football on the Pac-12 Network. Not only do they show the live telecasts of Northern Colorado vs. Utah and Northern Arizona vs. Arizona State, but there are also replays that very night at midnight and 3 am PT, followed by second replays at 8 am PT and 11 am PT the next Friday. There's one replay of San Jose State vs. Stanford at midnight Saturday following the Friday night contest. The Oregon State vs. Nicholls State contest gets a Sunday midnight replay, then Nevada-Cal and San Diego State-UW the next Sunday.

Of possibly greater interest on Sunday are the "Pac-12 Football in 60" specials, which will re-air three to three-and-a-half hour games in 60 minutes. That probably means quick cuts between plays, which means most of the 40 second playclock in between plays will be cut out and you'll only see the action as it unfolds. Thank goodness.

This is not a new concept: The NFL Network has popularized the abbreviated format, and the Big Ten Network also does 60 minute replays. But it's good to see the Pac-12 getting right at it to ensure a quick and easy option for Pac-12 fans to catch up or rewatch the games they want to see the most from the weekend.

Basically, you can probably do something in a day worth of TV watching that it took 60 years to accomplish: Watch all the relevant games from the Pac-12 on a regular basis

It remains to be seen how quickly games not broadcast on the Pac-12 Network (on ESPN and FOX and F/X) will be telecasted in the full three hour format or 60 minute rewind. However, FOX has already allowed the Pac-12 Network to broadcast their conference championship game, so I'm guessing the process should be fairly smooth.