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2012 Olympics Rowing Results & Highlights, Pac-12 Edition

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Thanks to Stacey's weekend previews of Olympic rowing on both the men's and women's side, we're more than up to date with the rowing results with regards to the most prominent Pac-12 athletes out there. Expect the conference to win several medals in these events in the next few days, as some boats feature some of the more notable names.

Here are the results through the first three days of action.

Men's Eight

In the heats, the United States boat finished with the second best time behind Germany after winning their heat. The USA boat has several rowers from the Pac-12, including coxswain Zach Vlahos (Cal), David Banks (Stanford), Jake Cornelius (Stanford), Giuseppe Lanzone (Washington), Brett Newlin (Washington). They are definite medal contenders.

Will Crothers (Washington) and Conlin McCabe (Washington) competed for Canada in the repechage after finishing last in their heat, but managed a nice 5:27.41 to advance to Final A. Olivier Siegelaar (Cal) rowed for the Netherlands boat that finished third in their heat. The Dutch finished third in their repechage to also advance to the final, which will take place this Wednesday.

Men's Quadruple Sculls

The United States team featuring Elliot Hovey (Cal) and Alex Osborne (Stanford) finished 4th in their heat with a 5:50.25 time, ending up in the repechage. Their boat was eliminated in their repechage heat on Monday with a time of 5:45.62, finishing last place behind New Zealand, Italy and Switzerland.

Men's Four

Only the heats got underway today. Will Dean (Cal) and Anthony Jacob (Washington) of Canada takes part in the action. They finished only third in their heat but still managed to advance to the semifinals. Scott Gault (Washington) had less trouble with the United States, as their boat won their heat and also advanced to the semis.

Men's Pair

Scott Frandsen (Cal) with David Calder (Washington) won their heat for Canada on Saturday with a time of 6:23.80 to qualify for the semifinal on Wednesday. They are favorites to medal.

After finishing in last place in their Heat to fall into the repechage, Silas Stafford (Stanford) along with Tom Peszek managed a third place finish to advance to the semifinal on Wednesday.

Women's Eight

The United States had three Pac-12 members in Erin Cafaro (Cal), Elle Logan (Stanford) and Mary Whipple (Washington), and they rocked their first heat on Sunday with a time of 6:14.68 to advance to the Final on Tuesday.

Women's Quadruple Sculls

On Saturday, Kara Kohler (Cal), Megan Kalmoe (Washington), Adrienne Martelli (Washington) and the United States boat finished second in their heat to fall into the repechage, but they managed to put together a second place finish today to get to the final on Wednesday.

Women's Lightweight Sculls

Early action got started on Sunday. Julie Nichols (Cal) finished third in her heat with Kristin Hedstrom to fall into the repechage, which they will compete in on Tuesday to try and stay alive.

Full replays of Saturday, Sunday and Monday's events available here for Sat, here for Sun, and here for Mon. The schedule of events is available here for you to browse.