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Olympic Medal Count: USC 17, Cal 16, Stanford 15, Washington 9, UCLA 8, Arizona 3, Oregon 2, ASU 1


It's starting to look like a three-school race for the individual medal count at the Pac-12. The United States women's national soccer and water polo teams made sure of that.

Team Gold Silver Bronze
Stanford 13 0 2
Cal 11 1 4
USC 9 5 3
UCLA 6 1 1
Washington 2 4 3
Arizona 2 1 0
Oregon 1 1 0
ASU 1 0 1

Medals won by the Pac-12 athletes total to 45 golds, 13 silvers, and 14 bronzes.

For those looking for the full list of Olympic medalists from the Pac-12, click here for an unofficial complete list.

The Stanford Cardinal have leapt on top of the individual gold medal counters thanks to their individual representation on both teams. They have five players on the water polo squad, including breakout star Maggie Steffans, her sister Jessica, Brenda Villa, Annika Dries and Melissa Seidemann. They have four on the soccer team in Nicole Barnhart, Rachel Buehler, Kelley O'Hara, and Christen Press.

The four California schools (thanks to their prominence in women's water polo and soccer) have pulled ahead in the gold medal individual event count due to their soccer and water polo representation. Cal had Alex Morgan in soccer and Elsie Windes and Heather Petri on the water polo squad. UCLA had Lauren Cheney and Sydney Leroux on their soccer team and Courtney Mathewson, Tanya Gandy, Sami Hill, and Kelly Rulon on the US water polo squad. USC had Tumua Anae, Shea Buckner, Kami Craig on their water polo team and Amy Rodriguez on the US soccer squad.

Other big representatives from the USWNT soccer team include Hope Solo (Washington) and Amy LePeilbet (ASU). The Canadian women's soccer team also had Chelsea Stewart from UCLA in their bronze medal winning match, and both water polo runners-up had Pac-12 reps in Anna Espar from Spain (USC) and Rowie Webster from Australia (Arizona State).

Other notable events from this week include Ashton Eaton of Oregon winning decathlon gold (more on him later), Kerri Walsh-Jennings of Stanford threepeating (more on her here), Haley Anderson of USC nabbing silver in the women's 10k swim, Allyson Felix of USC finally capturing her first individual gold in the women's 200 meter dash, Felix Sanchez of USC taking gold in the men's 400 meter hurdles for the Dominican Republic, Dawn Harper of UCLA grabbing the first silver medal for the Bruins in the women's 100 meter hurdles, and April Ross and Jennifer Kessy of USC hauling silver.