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PHOTO: Oregon Football Fake Uniforms Look Pretty Slick

We live in a world where a college football team--our beloved Oregon Ducks--possess a wider variety of apparel than the entire cast of Mad Men. (One of these days Don Draper is going to come out in Nike Pro Combat Unis and wonder why he does what he does.)

This will not hopefully be the Oregon Ducks anytime soon.

It's time for you to make the call now on this new supposed design of Oregon Ducks football uniforms. You know they can go old age, dark age, space age, and what-not. But can they go all-Puddles on you? Gekko Mojo of UW Dawg Pound takes us inside the looking glass.


First of all, these things rock so hard. Getting beat up in Nike's finest apparel is one thing, but losing to these things would be akin to admitting defeat as a human race. "You just lost by 70 points to a bunch of extras from On The Town."

Secondly, petitioning for the Pac-12 Network is one thing, but these things need to happen so we can have Brent Musberger spend an entire Oregon broadcast reminiscing about his favorite drunken sailor stories while simultaneously getting drunk on-air.

"Well Kirk, there was this one time I was with the boys in Da Nang, talking about how exactly Bill Hayhoe got to those extra points in the Coliseum..."

"Now there's a big score for the Ducks, just like the big score me and my buddy Reynolds picked up on a day trip to Okinawa. Sake bombs for all of our young and dedicated men."