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Heisman Trophy Odds: Matt Barkley Favorite, De'Anthony Thomas In Top 8

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Heisman Trophy odds have been released, and two Pac-12 players are among the top eight players in contention for the award. It's the same two faces. Dan Rubenstein breaks them down at SB Nation Studios.

Matt Barkley, 3 to 1, USC Trojans

You're going to be shocked, but the best quarterback on a national championship contender is getting hyped up for the biggest award in all of semi-professional football.

Barkley merits: He plays well and leads USC to the national title game, and he's assured of winning this award by default. Even a BCS berth might be enough if no one has an outstanding season; there aren't many other names that seem like a threat to break out and have an RGIII/Cam Newton-type season.

Barkley drawbacks: If he falls short of expectations, the tide turns against him. But that's pretty much to be expected with any of these players. Barkley is apretty solid bet to be in the race for this.

De'Anthony Thomas, 20 to 1, Oregon Ducks

We've touched on why De'Anthony has become a popular name in the Heisman race, but also why his chances are also on the longshot side. He's an explosive talent and will probably pop off in the highlight reel, but there's also too many concerns regarding injuries, lack of carries, too many other weapons in the Ducks offense, and various other issues that keep Thomas from being a favorite.